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We Celebrate America
on July 4th, 2007 !!!
Happy Birthday America !


My Mother often tells the story of the American who came up to her in Nazi Germany and whispered to her that the American's will be here in two weeks. He parachuted behind the lines and was fluent in German, Polish and English. Both Mom and Dad were slave labor for the Nazi regime and scheduled to be terminated after the war unless their slave labor was still needed. They were told that they would never be allowed to marry and have children and all knew by first hand experience that death was sudden for anyone who tried to fall out of line. Yes it was the second time that the American's liberated Europe. Yes there were allies, but even most of those allies first tried to appease the tyrants and could look the other way while others were trampled upon. As they began to see that they were next, the better of them took charge and helped America win the day. Without the American liberation, I would not have been born. The great sacrifices by the American people in the defense of others has no equal in all of history. America is truly the greatest nation in all of history and we hope that her greatest days are still ahead of us as we continue to take this nation back to the God who rules over all nations. We know full well of the problems America faces within and without, but now is the greatest moment for believers to rise up in love with the Gospel which speaks to all other issues as well.

Poland was the only nation in the world that faced and fought the full brunt of the Nazi war machine alone with no help from the two European allies who signed war protection treaties with her, then backed out when Poland was invaded. Two weeks after the blitzkrieg, the Soviets invaded Poland and murdered fifteen thousand Polish leaders in cold blood in the Katyn forest who were trying to escape the Nazi's. During the war, Polish pilots escaped to England where they formed the Polish squadron of the Royal Airforce and had the highest kill ratio among all Royal airforce squadrons. Polish Mathematicians gave British intelligence the Enigma machine which broke the Nazi code which was also used by the Japanese. Polish divisions led by the great Polish General Anders gave the allies it's first entry into southern Europe with great sacrifice at Monte Cassino in Italy and it was the Polish Underground who alone helped the Jewish insurgency in Poland and carried the gruesome news to the West of mass murder of the Jews. The Polish envoy Jan Karski was not believed and he remains one of almost 1000 Poles who are honored in Israel as Righteous Gentiles out of a list of 2000. Twenty percent of the Polish nation was killed in WW2 - half of them Jewish and the other half Catholic or Christian. The Polish people remain as they have always has been, the only nation in the world which has been in support of the American mission to the world from the beginning to this very day. Poland was once becoming the America of Europe before there was an America. That was stopped by parochial religionists in Poland who took Poland off its course of Christian sponsored freedom into onesided domination of one Church. 
My parents came from Poland whose history is tied up with America from the very beginning. Two of Poland's four foreign Generals in the Revolutionary War were Poles. Tadeusz Kosciuszko engineered the fortifications at the decisive battle of Saratoga and is the founder of West Point. Casimir Pulaski is the Father of the American Calvary and died while leading a charge against the British tyrants at Savannah. Fort Pulaski remains in his honor in Savannah, Georgia. Poles fought on both sides of the war between the States and Polish American's supplied half of the US enlistments for WW1 - eager to help liberate Europe and perhaps Poland as well.
Personally, I only got to the induction center for the war in Vietnam where I passed all the exams but was sent home with all the others as a lottery was being formulated which determined who would stay or go. The war was already winding down when I was ready to go. My lottery number was 283 and those over 150 were never called. The Lord already had other plans for me in the Soviet Bloc which was the puppet master behind the North Vietnamese. There we saw faith in Jesus Christ help put communism on the run.
The same is true in America as we often pray for America's spiritual health and future. America is great because America is good, said the French historian Alexis de Tocqueville. It is our task to remind all Americans, that goodness comes only from the Father of Lights, the Holy Father who is in Heaven. There is no guarantee that America will continue to be God's instrument for good in the world. Each generation carries the prophet's responsibility to bring the message of His Salvation to all. God Bless America and those who have given so much for our freedom which allows God's truth to be proclaimed mightily across the Globe.
Joe Losiak - MissionPoland Executive Director
P.O. Box 681481 - Schaumburg, IL

America's Faith
" Not that we have dominion over your faith,
but are fellow workers for your joy; for by faith you stand." 2 Corinthians 1: 24

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