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 CCC in Poland

Campus Crusade for Christ in Poland

You can directly support Polish Campus Crusade for Christ Staff!

 The Grzybowski's pictured above who minister to the Roman Catholics in Poland in their churches. The Josh McDowell Ministry of Piotr Werwinski; The Krakow Missionary Training School of Robert and Ela Boryczko; The Catholic Bible Study movement of Antek and Agnieszka Tompolski; The Family Life Ministry in Warsaw led by Wiesiek and Magda Grabowski; The Roman Catholic leadership outreach led by Henryk and Maurela Knapik; The Internet Bible Correspondence School led by Wieslaw and Malgorzata Chalupnik who graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary; The Jesus Film Ministry led by Janusz Sylwestrowicz; The Executive Ministry led by Zdzichu and Julia Miara; The Professors Ministry led by Andrzej Zabolotny; Athletes in Action Polska led by Zbigniew Masewicz and Wojtek Tubek; The Official Polish Campus Crusade for Christ National Student's Magazine editor - Katarzyna Michalowska; Professionals Ministry with Dorota Swierk; The new National Director - Mariusz Kwapisz And Central European leadership provided by Marek and Alina Wyrzykowski who is as of 2009 the Director of Affairs for all of Eastern Europe and Russia.

Make out your gift to Campus Crusade for Christ with a note that it is for the ministry of one of the names you choose from above. Mail it to this address here and you will receive a receipt back from Campus Crusade for Christ.

Campus Crusade For Christ Int.
P.O. Box 628222
Orlando FL 32862-9841

Robert Kosciuszko - media director for Campus Crusade for Christ Reports the following great news.  Film in ten Polish cities. These screenings were attended by 2,530 clergymen and teachers.During the screenings and at a number of other occasions we have distributed 3,500 lesson plans for religious instruction classes, entitled " Jesus Saves and gives new life ", 3,500 " Life-Changing Journey" pamphlets explaining the Christian symbolism of the movie and 2,500 beautiful interactive resources for Polish language study, published by Forum Film. 10,000 visits were recorded on our website . National newspapers, Gazeta Wyborcza or Gosc Niedzielny, published favourable articles about the initiative. There were also some warm reports in other mass media ... Finally, 1.7 million went to see the Narnia Movie.

" The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe " beat most of the "Harry Potter" films, winning the same popularity as the most successful picture of the series. The cinemas were full especially in the mornings, when whole classes came to see the picture, together with their teachers. The Polish distributors of the film repeatedly admitted to the producers, Disney and Walden Media, that the promotion organized by Campus Crusade for Christ was one of the main contributors to the Polish success of the film.
While Forum Film is withdrawing "Narnia" from the cinemas, another distribution company, "Imperial", is now introducing the "Narnia" DVD to the market. We have gotten in touch with them and discovered that Imperial is also open to cooperation with us in the area of promoting the film among educators, especially those involved in Religious instruction. During a meeting with the managers we heard: " We like your flyers very much. We were wondering if it would be possible to enclose one to each DVD"? The flyers in question were actually the pamphets with the Gospel message. I asked them " Isn't the religious character a problem to you?" " Not at all - they said - especially that our boss comes from India and he does not know a thing about our religion." ... And so every person that buys a Narnia DVD will find the "Four Spiritual Laws" inside with Narnia snapshots.

Josh McDowell's book, " A Quest for Answers "w poszukiwaniu odpowiedzi... Josh McDowell
This book has been translated into Polish and we are ordering a number of copies. Our Polish pages on this site have a brief synopsis for those who want to give their Polish friends and idea of the fiction which many will accept as fact because they do not have the information needed. This is the time for the Church ( the obedient to God's Word believers ) to act.Josh's book in Poland is coming out with the endorsement of Poland's Roman Catholic Church, giving the book the needed help to get it into the hands of Poland's youth. Robert Kosciuszko and Josh McDowell in Poland are pictured here below. Though Josh has ministered in over one hundred countries, he has chosen only about seven worldwide to concentrate on and Poland is in that number. Josh has at least 15 of his books translated into Polish. 

For more information on the beginnings of Campus Crusade in Poland - Oaza / CCC

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