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 Szkoła Misyjna

The Apostle Paul Missionary School of Poland ( Krakow )

 Many Poles are presently serving among many ethnic groups. Robert Boryczka has spent years living in these lands with long term teams of dedicated Poles who risked all for the sake of the Gospel.He recently published a wonderful book detailing the outreach mission to one needy and difficult locations. USMIECH BOGA may very well be the book of the year 2013 in Poland. We hope it will be translated into English.Robert holds conferences in Poland with schools of missions.







Robert Boryczka

Kraków is a home town for the Losiaks's. Both studied here at the Jagiellonian University; In the seventies for Joe and eighties for Anna.
Much of the Losiak's Polish ministry history on this site begins right here. It is the city we always visit as Anna's family and many friends live there. It is now a bee hive of evangelical activity compared to what it was 30 years ago and we will eventually summarize that on this page. Kraków is also home to one of the most significant Missionary Training Schools in the World -
Szkola Misyjna - Krakow


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