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Wiara i Wolnosc
( Scripts from the first Radio Programs in Polish and the script of Professor Franciszek  Blachnicki as  was played from the Video on the radio every year on our program in the beginning; That exact  cassette  tape played on the Chicago radio of the Blachnicki lecture on Salvation was given to a young Polish Roman Catholic priest in Buffalo the summer of July 21, 2002 .  ) 
Ania i Joe 

Table of contents:     
Pismo Swiety
Oaza w Polsce
3-ego maja
pokalipsa - 1
Apokalipsa - 2
Pierwszy Program Wiara i Wolnosc
Blachnicki ( Kazdy z nas nosi w sobie pytanie - 1 )
Blachnicki ( Kazdy z nas nosi w sobie pytanie - 2 )
Blachnicki ( Kazdy z nas nosi w sobie pytanie - 3) 

Program Radiowy  Wiara i Wolnosc teraz prowadzi Tadeusz Tomal WPNA      
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More about our Radio:

In 1998 this team from Warsaw, led by Wieslaw and Magda Grabowski of the Polish Family Life ministry came to the United States to produce radio programs and minister to the one million Poles living in Chicago.  In 1999 Andrzej and Jola Gandecki of the Lublin Reconciliation ministry pictured next, came to do the same. In ten years over one hundred Polish Christians ministered to the Poles on this radio program including Polish Christians from every Polish evangelical church in Chicago and leading ministers from Poland.  Those who have come to Christ because of this radio ministry are still coming forward  and can be found in every Polish evangelical church in Chicago. Former workers on the program have begun their own radio programs as well and Chicago is ringing with the "Good News" of Salvation in the Polish language every week.
November 1 , 2007: Ted Tomal reports that radio program Wiara i Wolnosc is still going strong! The program can be heard every Sunday evening prime time on Chicago's main Polish station and by Internet worldwide. To God be the Glory!

This program has now run for 12 years with a five month break early on as we switched stations from 1450AM to 1490AM in Chicago in 1996 and had a ten month break when Pastor Mirek Muszczynski of the Polish Christian Center gave his wonderful Bible messages at the end of  2005 until the Fall of  2006. It is the oldest running Polish Gospel program in Chicago. Andrzej Krupinski who worked with us in the 1990's has had his own program for the past seven years later in the evening on another great Polish station.  

Anna Losiak, was the first director of the program that began airing in Chicago in the beginning of 1996. Today the Program is on every Sunday from 5PM to 6:30PM CST in Chicago and on the Internet worldwide  at .  The program includes official Back to the Bible programming in Polish, Campus Crusade for Christ Poland's basic messages, Focus on the Family programming in Polish, testimonies, Polish Christian music and messages from the best Pastors in Poland; As well as a team of Chicago area Polish Christian announcers who produce discussions, lessons and interviews. Pictured below are the directors 
( Miroslaw & Irena Duleba ) of Trans World Radio in Poland meeting with Anna Losiak to set up future co-operation.

 Ted Tomal is the current producer of the radio program with a team of workers in the Chicago area. He is pictured here below with us and some of the other great workers from years past who today represent several Polish evangelical churches and radio ministries. Today Ted Tomal is the continuing Executive Director of the program with a staff of Poles in Chicago. In November 2007 Ted reports that the program is going well and is funded by entirely Poles living in Chicago who are dedicated to getting the Gospel out. Donations are still welcomed as the program can still expand its outreach. 

Ted Tomal has passed the radio program on to other Polish Christians in Chicago and they can be contacted at the WPNA RADIO station in Oak Park, IL 60302

The air costs alone for this program are $14,000.00 annually per city. . Wiara i Wolnosc 

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