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MissionPoland Board Members - 2018


One of the Founding Board Members of MissionPoland went home to be with the Lord in 2007. Dr. Harold O. J. Brown of North Carolina  ( 1933-2007 ): was a Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Professor Emeritus of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, a consulting editor for Christianity Today and an Advisory Board member of The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity. We have ministered together in Poland with his lovely wife Grace, among various evangelicals and Catholic groups. Dr. Brown has four doctorates from Harvard. Dr. Brown’s first doctorate was done mainly in Polish on the Polish reformer Jan Laski who founded the Presbyterian Church while in London and helped develop the Dutch Reformed Church in Holland. One of his ancestors was a Roman Catholic priest in the Kingdom of Poland (The Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth).

Clarence J. Ostalkiewicz Sr. of Maine was also a founding board member and when home to be with the Lord in jnuary of 2013:   Clarence served in WW2 as a gunner on a B-17 bomber aircraft and completed his B.B.A. and MBA at Northeastern University and Bentley School of Accounting & Finance in Boston, Mass. He is an author and has been on many mission trips to Poland & Russia since coming to Christ.




1. Pastor Emeritus Jim Henry of the First Baptist Church in Orlando: Dr. Henry is a past president of the Southern Baptist Convention and was the Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida for twenty eight years. He is now the Pastor Emeritus of the First Baptist Church of Orlando. 

  2. Leonard Jankowski of Minnesota: Has been the most supportive Christian Businessman for Polish ministry living in America for the past forty years. Leonard is a retired naval officer and Pilot. He has flown for Northwest airlines for many years. Leonard organized the Polish translation of the Jesus Film, which was the first of 950 translations. Leonard’s mother came to America in 1933 to complete her studies at the Moody Bible Institute and returned to Poland. Leonard was born in Wilno, Poland and then came to America as a young teen.


  3. Anna Losiak of Florida: studied Theater at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow for four years. She was a leader in the Catholic Oasis movement in Poland and her testimony has been featured on the radio program, “Unshackled ". Anna was also the chief organizer of thirty Polish Christian camps for children, teens and families in the 1990’s as well as the director of Polish Christian radio in Chicago for 5 years. Anna is the Assistant Director of MissionPoland

4. Joe Losiak of Florida: Studied at the Chicago City College and the Jagiellonian University in Poland as well as the Institute of Biblical Studies of Campus Crusade for Christ in California, Colorado and Vienna Austria. Joe was a student leader and then a full time staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ for a combined total of eleven years. In High School he was trained by a Navigator (who was also the co-founder of AWANA) and led YFC at his High School. Joe was the elected Sunday school Director, which was originally started by D.L. Moody at the Moody Church in Chicago for four years 1994-98, overseeing and training a teaching staff of sixty teachers.  Joe is the Executive Director of MissionPoland.


5. Rita Whaley of Indiana, served as a missionary nurse to Ecuador for 28 years with HCJB. She graduated from Purdue University as a nurse and from Fort Wayne Bible School in Indiana. Rita currently lives and works in Warsaw, Indiana in Kosciuszko County. Rita also worked with Polish prisoners in Quito's Men's and Women's prisons.  

6. J. Ed Komoszewski of Texas:  Ed graduated summa cum laude from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Th.M. in New Testament Studies and two major honors: The John F. Walvoord Award for outstanding work in the department of Theological Studies and The W. H. Grffith Thomas Award for graduating at the top of his class. He has taught biblical and theological studies at Northwestern College and serves as the Program Director for Converse with Scholars. Ed is the coauthor of Reinventing Jesus: How Contemporary Skeptics Miss the Real Jesus and Mislead Popular Culture (Kregel, 2006) and Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ (Kregel, 2007).


7. Stewart (Stu) Urban of Minnesota: Stu, is an American of Polish heritage. Stu was a High School teacher in the Chicago area until he retired about eight years ago. He lives with his wife Zelma in Andover, Minnesota. Stu served with Joe on the Christian Education Committee and on the Executive Committee at the Moody Church in Chicago when Joe was the Director of the Moody Church Sunday School.

 8.  Donalyn Bratton of Florida: has been a missionary to Poland and along with her husband David now serves at the Bethlehem Evangelical Free Church in New Jersey. The Brattons had the privilege of being the only non-Roman Catholics to teach the Bible for one year to Roman Catholics Priests in Lublin, Poland 1977/78.  They both served on the staff of Athletes in Action with the professional sports teams in New York and New Jersey. Together they served on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ for many years including their ministry in Poland in the 1970's where we worked together. Donalyn's husband is a graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary and Donalyn has also been grounded in God's Word at the Institute for Biblical Studies in California and Colorado.


9. Dick Sanner of California: Dick led the first ministry team of Campus Crusade for Christ into Poland in 1976. He was the Pastor of Missions at Community Presbyterian Church, Danville, California and serves as the Chair of the MissionPoland board. He became a Christian while in college in 1963.  Shortly after graduating he began a 20 year career with his wife Linda in Campus Crusade for Christ.  For the last six years at Campus Crusade for Christ, Dick taught at The International School of Theology.  Dick helped to found the Institute of Christian Studies International and taught Bible classes to lay people for three years.


 10. Gilbert Dekelaita of Illinois - Gilbert serves our current treasurer. He has labored with us in the field at our Polish camps and had been a faithful partner since we first met 23 years ago. He is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute. His beautiful wife Eliza is from Poland.


11. John Lieske of Illinois - Graduate of the Moody Bible Institute and Long time Youth worker in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. 



For by wise guidance you will wage war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory in war: and in multitude of counselors there is safety. Prov. 24:6


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