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                          MISSIONPOLAND FEBRUARY  2024

Joe and Ania Łosiak in Poland (Services, Evangelization with Joe Łosiak teaching and Christ Centered Meetings for Women with Anna Łosiak teaching – STILLBEING ADDED!)

March 2024

19. Tuesday – Automobile Travel from Florida to Chicago (Ministry meeting in Tennessee)

21. Thursday – Meetings with friends and supporters in Chicago and Suburbs

22.  Friday – Meetings with friends and supporters in Chicago and Suburbs

23. Saturday – CHICAGO: Polish Women’s Conference Polish Christian Center w/ Anna Łosiak

24. SUNDAY – CHICAGO: Polish Christian Church Service with Joe Łosiak 10am- 1pm

24. SUNDAY – CHICAGO AREA: Ministry Meeting for Friends to be announced 4pm-6pm

25. Monday – CHICAGO: Ministry Meetings and 10pm flight to Poland from O’Hare Field

27. Wednesday – NOWA HUTA (Fouth Baptist Church) Prayer Meeting

28. Thursday - LUBLIN (New Covenant Church of Poland) 9:00am   Prayer Meeting & Sharing

29.  Friday – PALOWICE – Brethren Church - 18:00 Evangelistic Meeting (Elder Marian Pawlas)

30.  Saturday – UPPER SILESIA - Brethren Church 18:00 Teaching Meeting (Elder Marian Pawlas)

31.  SUNDAY – KRAKÓW N.H.  (Fourth Baptist Easter Church Service)


APRIL  2024   

3. Wednesday – KRAKOW Church of God – (Pastor Andrey Hlopkov) - Salvation Message

5. Friday – KALISZ Baptist Church – 18:00 Bible Study (Pastor Tomasz Jeżyk)

6. Saturday – LEGNICA Baptist  – (Women's Meeting with Anna Łosiak and Charlene Eager)

7. SUNDAY – LEGNICA  Baptist Church – 10:00 (Pastor Paul Eager – MBI)

12. Friday – KRAKÓW – (LAZARUS HOTEL CHURCH) 18:00 Service      ***

13. Saturday  - KRAKÓW  - (FRANKLIN GRAHAM)

14. SUNDAY - TORUN Baptist Church - 11:00 (Pastor Michał Prończuk)

19. Friday – KONSTANCIN – JEZIORNA (Meeting with seeking Roman Catholic Priests)

20. Saturday – WARSAW – (Meetings being planned)

21. SUNDAY – WARSAW – (meetings being planned)

21. SUNDAY – WARSAW - 16:00 2nd Baptist UKRAINIAN Church (Pastor Joseph Sheremet)

25. Wednesday to Friday (Still being planned)

27. Saturday KRAKÓW (Women's Meeting with Ania)

28. SUNDAY – KRAKÓW - Second Baptist Church (ul. Armii Krajowej 4 / Elder Stanisław Głuszek)

30. Tuesday – KRAKÓW -  (Private meeting with former Oasis Headquarter Leader)

 MAY 2024

1. Wednesday – KAMIEŃ POMORSKI - Pentacostal Ch. (ul. Słoneczna 4a - Pastor Daniel Kowaliński)

2. Thursday – SZCZECIN – KECh (ul. Brodnicka 13 – Pastor Prezbiter Leon Dziadkowiec)

3.  Friday – JAKTORÓW  – Brethren Church  Teaching (ul. Chemińskiego 116 - Elder Paweł Ratz)

4.  Saturday – JAKTORÓW morning – Brethren  (ul. Chemińskiego 116 – Elder Paweł Ratz)

5.  SUNDAY LUBLIN – Evangelical Christian Church (ul. Probostwo 30 - Pastor Marcin Mizak)

10. Friday – KRAKOW – WARSAW – CHICAGO (Return flight for Joe)


11. Saturday – BOCHNIA & KRAKÓW (Two weeks of personal and family ministry for Anna)


Christmas time and all the way to the 2024 New Year our family had a blessed time together with us. The Lord comes first and under his grace and love we have family, ministry, church, work, Christian family and everyone else we come in contact with to be a witness to by our lives and words. This is our prayer and our constant 'meta-noia' challenge in all we will be and do. Without the Lord we will fall apart completely. Thank you for your prayers as we also pray for you (if we know you). Our monthly newsletter is sent to all who are led to pray for us and our mission, as we will pray especially for our MissionPoland friends which includes our extended family. Drop us a line and let us know how we can pray for you. or .  

“… I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me … putting me into the ministry … I obtained mercy … and the grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant with faith and love … ”  1 Timothy 1: 12-14





We are rejoicing for all our families and  for the Lord giving to all of us the “ministry of reconciliation” because of what Christ has done for us who have believed.  



Our two-month mission trip to churches in Poland ended with a northwest regional conference, where Anna had the opening and closing session. The conference theme was “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11: 28) Anna has been visiting these women for the past five years with Joe speaking to the whole congregation. This all-day women’s conference was re-started after ten years. It was a blessing to see new younger woman serving with great enthusiasm and being encouraged, as all were uplifted with great joy





  Our Fall mission to Poland was  wrapped with Anna's Women's Conference in Szczecin on the Baltic Sea. All before the conference and after she was recovering from a bad cold. She went to Szczecin by train and returned to say good-bye to many friends and family until April 2024 when we are scheduled to return to many churches and schools across Poland. This winter in Florida we will concentrate on reaching out to the 500,000 Americans of Polish background now living in Florida - many of whom still have Polish as their first language. Many Poles living in the northern cities also visit Florida in the winter. There are two Polish Facebook groups in Florida with over 5000 members who have been publishing many of our Video Bible messages with outlines in Polish for the past few years. POLONIJNY INFORMATOR - FLORYDA and POLSKIE SPOTKANIE NA FLORYDZIE. We also send those videos with Bible Study Outlines to Polish groups in England, Scotland, Canada, Australia, Continental Europe and others in the USA. We are praying that we will meet many of them here in Florida over the winter as we are also developing a list of strong evangelical churches, they can take their families to from Tallahassee to Miami.



     SEPTEMBER 2023 (* Meetings where we were teaching)


   16 * FRIDAY – LONDON, UK Polish Evangelistic meeting for all, Refreshments and Women's and Men's meetings with Anna and Joe Łosiak at the Ealing Green Methodist Church 6pm to 10pm in Ealing Green, W5 5, UK


  16 * SATURDAY– GRUDZIĄDZ – New Catholic Renewal Formation Meeting with Joe Losiak

   16 * SATURDAY – OLSZTYN Baptist Church –Women’s Meeting w/ Anna Losiak

  17 * SUNDAY - BYDGOSZCZ Evangelical Church Service

  17 * SUNDAY – ŚWIECIE Evangelical Church Service

    18 MONDAY - OLSZTYN (Dinner with Anna's sister Monika and Mirek her husband of twenty five years. They are officers in their Olsztyn Baptist Church.


19 * TUESDAY - WARSAW (Lunch with the leading elder of the Warsaw Brethren Church & RCC Priest)



20 * WEDNESDAY KRAKÓW - NOWA HUTA (Visiting Anna's mother and attending the mid-week service at the Third Baptist Church in Kraków Nowa Huta where Anna grew up and was the leader of the Oasis movement before that movement was overtaken by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy after the murder of the founder Franciszek Blachnicki who was a close friend when Joe was in Poland from 1974 to 1978.)






22 * FRIDAY – KRAKÓW – House of Lazarus Church & Live in Rehab Facility – Church of God


24 * SUNDAY - OPOLE ‘One Way’ Church – Worship and Teaching 10AM Service for Former Catholics – Church of God



29 * FRIDAY – KALISZ Baptist Church Mid-Week Church Service


1 * SUNDAY – LUBLIN – Evangelical Christian Church Morning Worship Service



1 * SUNDAY - LUBLIN Evangelical Christian (Woman’s Afternoon Meeting with Anna Łosiak)
2 * MONDAY – LUBLIN New Covenant Church leadership meeting



6 * FRIDAY – KAMIEŃ POMORSKI Pentecostal Church Service



7 * SATURDAY - SZCZECIN – Women’s Meeting with Anna Łosiak


8 * SUNDAY - SZCZECIN Morn. Evangelical Christian Service


10 * TUESDAY - KROŚCIENKO - Two hour private meeting with the last living founder of the original Oasis Light and Life Movement

11 WEDNESDAY – KRAKÓW – Third Baptist Church of Kraków Bible Study   

12 * THURSDAY – KRAKÓW Grace of Christ Ukrainian Church Service




12 * THURSDAY – KRAKÓW Emmanuel Christian School Classroom Evangelism to Poles and Ukrainians



13 * FRIDAY - KRAKÓW Lazarus House Church for Adults sheltered for Christ-centered re-habilitation.


14 * SATURDAY - KRAKOW NOWA HUTA Pentacostal Church Women's Conference with Anna Łosiak

14 * SATURDAY - ŁOMŻA (Evangelism with the Warsaw Free Church Brethren Elders)


15 * SUNDAY - WARSAW Ukrainian Baptist Church Service - PM

















22 * SUNDAY- LEGNICA Evangelical Church Morning Service

4 * SATURDAY - SZCZECIN – Evangelical Churches NW Regional Woman's Conference w/ Anna Łosiak

(*) Meetings where we were teaching.








In July Anna was on a planned trip with our daughter Mary, her husband Daniel Havlock and their two ten month old twins (Spenser and June) who fly to Poland free at their age. Anna here is pictured with her mom Maria on her right and the co-founder and historian of the largest Catholic youth movement who opened the  door to Evangelical Protestants to do all the teaching at their camps for thousands while I was in Poland from 1974 to 1976. It was at that time after singing and sharing at University Student gatherings in Cracow 1974 two very important Catholic leaders asked to meet with me knowing that I was not a Roman Catholic. Both I eventually learned understood that Mary the earthly mother of our Lord's human birth cold not be equated with Jesus Christ, His Father and that there was only a Holy Trinity and not a Holy Quartet. The Lord had me meeting with both men separately as they knew each other very well and they both allowed Biblical evangelism and teaching which had nothing to do with Mary. Unknown to me back then they sent a priest from Poland to live with my mother and father in Chicago as he was visiting Notre Dame which had that arrangement with Poland. There were no phones for us back then and I would communicate once or twice a year with my parents. Here is our family in Poland this month of June 2023 for a family wedding and for four generations to be together The four Havlocks (Daniel, Mary and the two 10 month old twins - Spenser and June, Three for the Wierenko family Monika, Amelka and Mirek as well as Great GrandMother Marysia Ochel seated next to Anna Łosiak and the twins right before them. 

Anna's Catholic father accepted the Gospel message on his death bed as we both spent his last two days alone with him while he was dying. Anna's mom left us alone as we witnessed all day to her father. Next week Anna will spend her last two weeks in Poland with her mother on her small veggie and fruit farm 25 miles east of Cracow. In mid July, Anna and I will prepare and organized another tour of many churches all across Poland in September and October. We speak at each stop and have our own ministry handbooks written and published several times over the past fifteen years. At the end of this month, I will send our July newsletter out to most of you and in the first week of July, just before Anna returns, I will send all who donated to MissionPoland a full report of all funding and expenditures for these first six months of 2023. Lord willing we will continue together full time as MissionPoland for five more years after this year. Any donations mailed by June 30 will be included an help us reach perhaps close to 70% of our budget for the first six months of 2023. We usually do better in the final six months as tax season gets more difficult for all of us each year. 
Also in July, Joe flew  to Chicago for  two days and stayed in a hotel near Oakbrook where we had a reunion of our Christian band "Morning Star" which sang and preached in the Northern Illinois and Wisconsin area in places like De Paul University, Trinity College, College retreats (Advances) with Campus Crusade for Christ in Wisconsin, Camp Awana, Timberee, many weekends at Adventure Land in Medinah, Santa's Village and the Wheaton Bandshell. Only four of us were able to get together due to illness . Two of these four pictured here pastored churches and two did mission work in Africa and Poland. 

Again! Thank you for your prayers and helping to make MissionPoland possible as we all prepare for eternity with another ministry trip to many churches in Poland this Fall 2023! We have already set up ten meetings in ten cities and will set up at least ten more befotre we leave on September 12, 2023. That schedule will be posted here in September. 
We pray that our mission last Spring with twelve Polish 
Christian workers mainly from Poland and Canada will take all they learned back to their homes and churches in Poland. Seven well known Bible teachers from the USA took part in the 12 days in our home and three days in Chicago where most Polish speakers live. MissionPoland made all the arrangements and key sessions have been broadcast all over Poland. Romans 8: 37

 CHICAGOLAND: * The Moody Bible Institute (May 26 FRI.- 10AM to 3PM), * CrossPoint Church in Ingleside, Illinois (FRI. May 26 FRI - 6PM to 8PM), * The Moody Church Polish Bible Conference (May 27 SAT.11AM to 3PM), * The Iwona and Tadek Banasik Ministry House (May 27 SAT. 6PM to 10PM) Polish Christian Center Church (May 28 SUN. 10AM to 2PM). These meetings in Chicago have all been great and completed with God's blessing. The Polish Christian Center meeting on May 28 Sunday, is pictured below. The message and response was amazing !!!

FLORIDA: * Northland Church Polish Bible Conference in Longwood (June 3 SAT.- 9AM to 3:30PM), * Live Oaks Community Church and Lunch with the Brattons (Woodridge Campus) near The Villages (June 4 SUN. - 10AM to 2PM) * Grace Community Church in Lakewood Ranch, FL (near Sarasota) (June 4 SUN. - 6PM to 8PM)

May 27 Saturday  - Polish Bible Conference (Speakers: Pastors Pawel Chojecki and Greg Krumes) 10am at the Moody Church     

May 28 Sunday  - Polish Christian Center Sunday service and fellowship after the 10:00 am service in Chicago 

June 2 Friday – Dinner and meeting (Speakers Dave and Donalyn Bratton) 5:00 pm at our home in Altamonte Springs, FL.    


June 3 Saturday - Polish Bible Conference at Northland Church in Longwood, FL. (Pastors: Jim Henry, Grant Richison, Josh Laxton & Paweł Chojecki)

June 4 Sunday morning, we will be at The Evangelical Free Church near the Villages with the Brattons and Sunday afternoon we will head out the Tampa Bay area for an outreach still being planned for the many Poles that live there.


Please pray with us that our LORD will transform this schedule into impactful, significant Holy gatherings that will bring Polish believers together under Him & touch the lives of many still unsaved to bring Great joy” to those cities.

"And there was great Joy in that city"  Acts 8:8







The revolution of Jesus. Discipleship all over - Joe Łosiak (


   Idź Pod Prąd TV - YouTube




(Richard E. Wager, Lance Latham, Craig Massey, Dave Sunde, Louis Goldberg, Harold O.J. Brown, Nelson ‘Bud’ Hinkson, Dick Sanner, Conrad Koch, Martin DeBoer, Bill Bright, Josh McDowell, Ed Komoszewski, Grant Richison, Jim Henry, Paul Cowan, Norm Geisler, Phil Hook, Joseph Dillow, Erwin Lutzer, Mary Whelchel Lowman, James Kennedy, Bill Vesely, Johnny Kopecky, Steve Kovic, George Verwer, Ray Staszewski, Franciszek Blachnicki, Krzysztof Bednarczyk, and Zbigniew Czerwinski)

We did learn and work with many others over the years and could have listed more names, but these were the main teachers, pastors, mentors, missions, schools, and churches that stand out in my mind. Our Polish evangelism and discipleship handbooks written by us for the Polish mindset, have been consolidated for reprinting and distribution in November of 2022. 



THE MAIN ORGANIZATIONS & CHURCHES THAT WE LEARNED FROM & SERVED OVER THE PAST 40 and 60 YEARS:  Awana, Navigators, Youth for Christ, Campus Crusade for Christ, Moody Bible Institute, Emmaus Bible Correspondence School, CCC Institute of Biblical Studies and churches where Joe served in ministry include Emmanuel Baptist Church, Moody Church, First Baptist of Orlando and perhaps one hundred Polish churches in Poland, England, Canada, France, Ecuador and in the USA.  Anna and Joe  have also organized and directed children's, teen's and adult camps at the Moody Youth Camp, Silver Birch Ranch, Camp Timberlee, The Polish Eben Ezer Camp and many other camps in Poland. 


 "There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all."  Ephesians 4: 4-6


MissionPoland Board Members 2024



Clarence Ostałkiewicz (1924-2013)

Harold O.J. Brown (1933-2007)  

Leonard Jankowski (1936-2021)

 Martin W. DeBoer (1944-2021)  

Raymond Phillip Staszewski (1934-2022) 

Gregory Krumes ( 1953- 2023)




Pastor Dick Sanner - Chair * Gilbert Dekelaita - Treasurer * Donalyn Bratton – Secretary 

                    Joe Łosiak - Director * Anna Łosiak - Associate Director *  

Iwona Banasik * Pastor Ed Komoszewski * Pastor Grant Richison  *

John Lieske * Stu Urban 


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