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 Education Minstry

Dorota Swierk - Campus Crusade For Christ ( Warsaw, Poland )      

       National Educational System Ministry

I was born in Southern Poland into a religious Roman Catholic family. My parents taught me respect for God and for spiritual matters, but I did not come into a personal relationship of knowing Christ until I was shown the Biblical Gospel message by Campus Crusade for Christ. I didn’t understand the Gospel the first time I heard it because I thought I was a pretty good person and that God should have been really happy with me. Finally, I did understand and see my sinfulness and asked Jesus for forgiveness for all of my sins. That happened in 1984 when I was a University student in Cracow.

I am now 40 years oldand have been on the full time staff of Campus Crusade for Christ since 1991; First working on the university campuses in Cracow and Katowice. Presently I am stationed in Warsaw, working in evangelism and discipleship with the Educators and their pupils. In Poland we are allowed by the national government to use Biblical materials to help develop our values in the public school system of Poland. We present educators with a program of personal development based on the teachings and example of Christ. This program is called, “ Youth at the Crossroads ” and gives Poland’s youth an introduction to Jesus of the Bible. We are constantly in contact with the educators of Poland and seek to win them to Christ.

For this new ministry I continue to study to become an official teacher in Poland of religion and ethics, concentrating on Theology.

It is a basic principle of Campus Crusade for Christ around the world, that all staff members raise their support in the country of their origin and ministry. However in the case of Poland, where there are relatively few evangelical Christians, but many workers in Campus Crusade for Christ in Poland ( around 100 ) ; We have been given special permission by Campus Crusade for Christ to raise support in the United States of America. We have already have many supporters which have allowed us to do so much over the years in Poland.

Dorota Swierk

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