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 Family Life

News from the Grabowski Family

This is Grabowski's ministry and life...
After finishing his school year Tom (our oldest son) went for a mission project to Albania.
For the last 15 years CCC has been working to help fulfill the Great Commision in Albania using "Jesus" film. Teams of several people equipped with projectors, generators, screens and films go around the country, showing Jesus film in small villages and presenting the gospel to people in this former very strict communist country. We had the privilege to participate in the very first showing of "Jesus" film in 1991 which took place in the Palace of Congress - the biggest meeting hall for the Albanian communist party. Now our son was a part of six people team (with 2 Hollanders and 3 Albanians) to proclaim the name of Jesus.They visited a few villages. At the beginning they talked to the chief of the village, then after receiving his permission they promoted the film around the village and at the end they showed the film. After a few days they came back to do a follow up for those who had decided to receive Christ. Tom was touched by the spiritual hunger he saw in that nation. He has tears in his eyes when talks about how God opens the eyes and hearts of Albanians. He shared this with Polish students and he considers going back there next year with others.

Greg (our middle son) came home from New York for the vacation and after spending some time with us at home, he went to Russia for a mission project. He had the privilege to participate in street evangelism in the city of Rostov together with some American students. He also visited some churches where he had taught last year. We can see that God has put a great love for Russia and Russians into his heart. He graduated with Highest honors and was Validictorian.

Wiesiek has been the director of the Family Life Ministry in Poland since 1993, but right now he has also become the Community Director ( for Campus Crusade in Poland ). He has to lead Family Life Ministry and 5 other ministries within the Community ministry so he has a lot of new responsibilities and tasks before him. Please pray for him and our ministry to families..

God bless you!!!  Wiesiek and Magda Grabowski

Wieslaw and Magdalena Grabowski

Family Life Directors - Campus Crusade for Christ
ul. Czumy 14 / 37
Warsaw, Poland

Ed. note:  The Family Life ministry in Poland now has eight full time staff members and conferences have expanded and grown across the Country. Wieslaw and Magdalena direct this special ministry in Poland.
To support the Grabowski's, please make out your gift to Campus Crusade for Christ  with a note that it is for the ministry of Wieslaw and Magdalena Grabowski  - account # 2393029
and mail it to: Campus Crusade For Christ Int.  P.O.  Box 628222 - Orlando FL 32862

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