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 Theologies 2

Theologies 2

6. Dominionism - Dominionists believe that the church is the second coming of Christ and that those who are followers of Christ will usher in the Kingdom of God upon the Earth. They run circles around Matthew 24, saying that it already happened and simply ignore Revelation and those prophetic elements which are only now possible at this time. One other great danger, besides causing one to simply preach Dominion over the Gospel, is that Israel and Jews are treated as unimportant in the scheme of things. At least one well known evangelical Theologian in America believes that this Theology will lead to another Holocaust for the Jews. Read 1 Thessalonians 4 & Revelation

7. Mary Worship - We all agree, Mary the Blessed Virgin who gave birth to Jesus is unique among all women in her experience. She went directly to Heaven after her time on Earth was over and she remains the greatest Woman of the Bible. Her example of faith and service is unequaled by any other woman in all history. She deserves great honor and respect from all of us. In Heaven, no other woman will have a greater line of admirers who will want to listen to all the stories she will have ( and Joseph as well ) about the life and times of the Lord Jesus the Christ from birth to death. So why did a problem arise among churches concerning Mary? Perhaps it all began with a translation error in the Latin Vulgate for Genesis 3:15, where the woman was the victor and not the child. It should have been the child and the Roman Catholic church did not correct this Bible error until the 20th Century. Thousands of statues show Mary crushing the serpents head and sermons are still preached using the erred text. In the fifth Century the term God Bearer for Mary was rejected in Rome, but shortly after that; Political leaders called another church council together in Ephesus where the term God Bearer was accepted with the idea that it was to show the Deity of Christ. Prior to all of this Jesus Christ must have foreseen this movement and so in three Gospels it is recorded that Jesus said, „ Who is my Mother?... Everyone who does the will of God is my Mother!...” None of the Apostles wrote any more about her in their instructions on Christian living, no one ever prayed to her or through her. All of that developed among those who didn’t know the Scriptures. It was also enhanced in the 19th and 20th century by Popes who declared new doctrines about her sinlessness and ascension into Heaven without dying. Prior to that Catholics believed Mary was as all humans with sin, though still a virgin in bearing Christ. Mary herself declared her need to be saved by her own words in the Gospels. Many Catholics have called for the Vatican to officially name her the Savior along with Jesus and the mediator along with Him; though many Catholics mistakenly already use such terminology. Recent attempts to declare Mary’s new position have been halted and rejected by the leadership of the late great John Paul 2 in the Vatican. Mary is our sister in Christ. All of us believe that she went to Heaven when her life on Earth was finished. She is an example of faith and faithfulness. She was created by her son Jesus Christ who existed before her. Jesus is the one we must believe in to be saved and no one knows that better than Mary. All of the Prophets, Apostles and the Lord Jesus Himself taught us to pray directly to God and only to Him. The rosary is an eleventh century invention which did not catch on until the sixteenth century.   If you don't place your faith in Jesus as your only Savior and Lord, you will remain lost in your sins. Admiration or even worship of Mary cannot save you.*** Jesus said, " No one comes to the Father but through me. " Mary said, " Obey my son and do what He says "! " She led people to Him and never to herself, Mary accepted Salvation from her Son who was humanly born in her of the Holy Spirit, who as God the Son already existed before her and actually created her. Many who are trusting the Lord for mercy and grace and who recognize their sinfulness are confused in this matter due to a life time of tradition being placed on them. As these believers begin to read the Holy Bible, emphasis on Mary takes on a Scriptural role. The official teaching by the Roman Catholic Church which talks about " Dulia and Latria " is misunderstood by many Catholics and Protestants as well. In Poland, many Catholics themselves refer to the "Mary Cult" as being unbiblical. Read John 2 & Luke 8 and Ray Staszewski on Mary .

8. Front Loaded Works Salvation *** - All man made religion and heretical Christianity teaches that man must earn his Salvation or co-operates in earning it by doing good works. Biblical Theology tells us that good works stem from Christ alone. " For without Me, you can do nothing ” said Jesus. There are two kinds of good works; Those done in the Spirit and those done in the flesh. Only those done in the power of the Holy Spirit constitute, selfless good works. To do good works in the power of the Holy Spirit, you must first come to Christ with empty and sin stained hands, receive total forgiveness and eternal life by trusting in Him alone and what he did for you on the cross. Salvation is a gift! All men have faith, but the faith that saves is the faith that is placed in Christ alone and not in our works of righteousness. Read Titus 3, Rom. 3 & Eph. 2 Good reading: So Great Salvation by Charles C. Ryrie

9. Back Loaded Works Salvation - This unfortunate doctrine leaves many followers of Christ in doubt. They got their salvation for free, but now must work to keep it. If they don’t they will lose it. You can never experience the joy of your salvation, because you can never say for sure if you’ll make it. The big question that blows apart all explanations given by the proponents of this doctrine is: How many sins does it take to lose your salvation ? The Bible teaches that those who belong to Christ through believing in Him are sealed with the Spirit and have a new nature. It is possible to waste much of your time as a believer by living in the flesh. If you have been born again, you will be in Heaven for eternity. Your works done in the flesh will be burnt up, but your soul will be saved by grace, because you accepted and believed in Him, experiencing the new birth. The factors of rewards, discipline on Earth and great losses in Heaven and on Earth need to be understood. Sinning is returning to slavery and turning away from freedom. You will reap what you sow. There will be weeping in Heaven in the beginning and then those tears will be wiped away. However, those won to Christ through your witness will stand as a priceless reward for Eternity. Their value to our Savior is beyond our comprehension. Think how much you are worth ! Read Phil. 1 & Rom. 8 ( Good reading on this topic is " The Reign of the Servant Kings " by Joseph Dillow )

 10. Holiness Movement - This movement emphasizes a doctrine that teaches attaining perfection or a state of sinlessness on the Earth. In its purest form, all true believers are to be without sin and cannot sin. Confession of sin is no longer necessary and admitting you were wrong is out of the question. We are to be holy as our Father in Heaven is Holy. This is done on the continual basis of having our minds and hearts cleansed by confessing our sins as soon as we are convicted by the Holy Spirit and by placing our faith again in what Christ did for us on the cross; Knowing that He always wants us to succeed in our walk with Him. If we walk in the Spirit we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. " If we walk with the Lord, in the light of His word; What a glory He sheds on our way. While we do His good will, He abides with us still and with all who will trust and obey. " Traditional Hymn TRUST AND OBEY: Read 1 John, Ephesians 5, Galations 5 and Romans 6,7 & 8 - ( Good Reading: Eternal Security by Charles Stanley ) 

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