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  Polish Heroes

Contemporary Polish Heroes of Distinction
( unique examples of courage and accomplishment )

Morrison, of Scottish heritage, wore a traditional kilt to the ceremony, as he said he did for his daughters' weddings. "Don't ask that embarrassing question," Morrison said. "I'm not going to answer it." Wayne Gretzky shook his head and said, "Thank god I'm Polish." . . .
Captain Stefan P. Wesolowski, (1909-1987)  Polish & American Hero
Prof. Dr. Zdzislaw P. Wesolowski  ( still living! ) Polish & American Hero



Compiled by
Col.Prof.Dr. Zdzislaw P. Wesolowski
Ft.Lauderdale,Florida USA
The Blue Army - Polish American heroes in WW1
Col. Francis S. "Gabby" Gabreski - the leading US ace in the World War II European theater  ( Picture and more info )
Polish Squadrons in the Royal Air Force  - the fourth largest Air Force among the Allied Forces in WW2 and the most effective
Polish Intelligence - Cryptologists - Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Rozycki and Henryk Zygalski - the most important intelligence accomplishment in WW2 for the Allied Forces against both Germany and Japan ( The rest of the Enigma story )
2nd Polish Corps of the Allied Forces at Monte Cassino  Against all odds, during the battle which lasted a week, with infantry battalions decimated, the Poles beat the Germans into submission, and in the morning of May 18th the Polish flag was finally hoisted over the ruins of the Italian monastery
Tadeusz ( IREK ) Borowski - Tadeusz Ireneusz Borowski, Sr. was only one of several thousand Polish resistance fighters. With his ability to speak four languages fluently and his cunning talent for the art of war, he became a hero many times over.

 Barbara Szymanska Makuch, John Damski & Jan Karski ( Poles who rescued Jews from the Holocaust ) In Israel there are about 2000 monuments to Righteous Gentiles, almost half of them are Polish. In Poland under Nazi occupation, to help a Jew meant instant death for you and your family, unlike places like Holland, Germany or Austria where it was punished with imprisonment or house arrest.
Dr. William A. Dembski - Third generation Polish American -  A mathematician and philosopher, is one of the leaders of intelligent design creationism. William Dembski has earned Ph.D.s in mathematics (University of Chicago) and philosophy (University of Illinois, Chicago), and a M. Div. From Princeton Theological Seminary. He has also received two NSF fellowships and has conducted postdoctoral work at M.I.T. (mathematics), the University of Chicago (physics) and Princeton (computer science).
Mike Nawrocki - Co-Founder of VEGGIE TALES, bringing Sunday morning values to Saturday morning programming. As Co-Director of the new  film JONAH coming in October 2002, Mike Nawrocki & Phil Vishner and their company have set their sails on challenging Disney Studios for the hearts and minds of children all over America.
Bob Muzikowski - Field of dreams founder of Little League baseball for Inner City youngsters in Chicago and New York.
A. J. Pierzynski - Chicago White Sox Championship Major League Catcher and the most intelligent Baseball player of modern times.
We will also be looking at the lives of other greats like Copernicus, John Paul II and King John Sobieski  who have or are now making a difference in the world .

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