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 Josh for Poland

Josh McDowell in Poland ministry

On May 26-28, 2018, Josh McDowell was in Poland only for the weekend on a visit planned only two months ago. The Fellowship of Evangelical Churches and Ministries holds an annual outdoor Christian festival with music, children's programs, youth outreach, good food and a great speaker. This year they reached out to Josh who has about fifty (50) books translated into Polish. Copies of a new updated version of his best seller "More than a Carpenter" were given away to those who came as well as an amazing web site address in Polish with more basic growth materials in Polish listed below. Campus Crusade for Christ in Poland has dozens of well trained full time staff members around the country and continue to have a multiplying impact for God's Kingdom in Poland.

Josh McDowell now has an extensive ministry in Poland. Josh is committed to the world, but has chosen five or six countries to concentrate on and Poland is one of them. Robert Kosciuszko is the Director of Josh's ministry in Poland.

Robert and JoAnna Kosciuszko
Campus Crusade for Christ
Josh McDowell Ministry in Poland
ul. Hirszfelda 4m.10 - Warsaw, Poland 02-776
tel.  011-48-22-644-59-17

Dear Joe,

We in Warsaw understand that battle for our capital city is a battle for Poland (40 million nation). We must win for Christ as many leaders (present and future) as He wants. We need your prayer very much for growing believe in Jesus in Poland and also in Europe. We need prayer for our President, Government and Parliament.  Will you pray for us?

We wrote our last letter right before Josh McDowell's visit. We thank
you for your prayer as God worked through that man in a great way.

To Hotel Sheraton there came 450 fathers, mature men who wanted to learn "How to be heroes for their children". We men are always difficultlisteners, especially because of our pride. However Josh gained ourhearts through his openness, sense of humor and persistence that heshowed us.  He said, for example, "Some of you here are thinking what hecould tell us. My father never had much time for me and I grew up to bea decent man." Then Josh warned us in the following way: "But your father regrets it now that he couldn't find more time for you as todayit is too late. You don't need him any more and you are not friends. Why should you regret in future. Work on your relation with your children today."

Equally great impression on me had meetings with students. Catholic fellowships that were hosts of the meetings successfully spread news about those events. Together with them we left 500 posters and distributed 4000 leaflets. Even Radio Joseph ( Catholic ) invited its listeners to ameeting with Dr McDowell. On Monday and Tuesday evenings we only waited. People were coming in and in the end the churches were full. On both evenings more than 2 thousand people listened to Josh speaking about love among man and woman that God wants. He also called all listenerspresent to give their life to Jesus or to renew that most important bond.

On the last day Josh met us, students and RNŻ (Campus Crusade for Christ) staff members. The atmosphere was very friendly and probably all of us found new wish to serve God. Such was the aim of the meeting. God does work through Josh McDowell in a great way.

We are happy that thanks to you we can serve God in all those ways.
Robert and Asia Kosciuszko

Moi Drodzy,
Byłem kilka dni temu w jednej z Śląskich rozgłośni radiowych (radio eM) i dostałem tam płytkę z nagranym wywiadem z Joshem, kiedy był tutaj półtora roku temu. Wracając do domu włożyłem w samochodzie do odtwarzacza i w czasie słuchania pomyślałem sobie – to jest bardzo dobry wywiad, warto go umieścić na naszej stronie – tak, więc zachęcam do przesłuchania. To jest konwencja programu tego radia, więc jest nie tylko wywiad, ale słucha się tego bardzo dobrze. Każda część dotyczy innego tematu rozmowy. Zapraszam.

Kliknij tutaj, żeby posłuchać

Przypominam jeszcze mamy trochę miejsc na spływach Ojca z synem, też gorąco zapraszam, bo wakacje coraz bliżej.

Kliknij tutaj, żeby poczytać więcej

Pozdrawiam was bardzo serdecznie i zachęcam rodziców do budowania więzi ze swoimi dziećmi i odważnego przekazywania im Prawdy o Chrystusie, a młodych do szukania Prawdy, bo to, w co wierzymy wpływa bardzo mocno na to, co robimy!

w imieniu zespołu Fundamenty Wiary

Piotr Werwiński

Robert Kosciuszko in Bialystok with fellow staff and Krzysiek ( Student CCC leader in Bialystok. )

Thank you very much for your prayers.

Robert Kosciuszko
Acct# 2393641

( Ed. note:  Make out your gift to CCC with a note that it is for the ministry of Robert Kosciuszko # 2393641
Campus Crusade For Christ Int.
PO Box 628222
Orlando FL 32862-9841
Robert and Asia represent two of the 100 Campus Crusade for Christ staff members in Poland.

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