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 Welcome to MissionPoland

Welcome to MissionPoland 


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Soon we will be placing our future plans on this Welcom to MissionPoland page after a year long illness and recovery which we hope wil be complete in 2020. 
The most crucial element in giving out the Gospel in its fullness is that it is received and understood. The Lord explained what would happen if the message was wrapped up with man created theologies rather than His teachings and examples given to us in the Bible. If the message is not clearly understood the Lord said that “the wicked one comes and snatches away what was sown in his heart” (Matthew 13:13-23). The Lord gave us clear examples of His Gospel message, His grace and saving faith in His personal encounters with Nicodemus, The Samaritan woman, the paralytic, the Leper, the sinful woman, the tax collector and with the thief in His final moments on the Cross where our sins, shame and guilt were washed away by the shedding of His blood and death.
The battle for the Gospel message in all its grandeur and fullness goes on in “heavenly places”.  There are “different” gospels preached in many churches of Poland. In every case it is a matter of placing men’s ideas above the teachings of Scripture “rightly divided”  (2 Tim. 2:15) and usually promoted by individuals and even some churches to place the burden on being or staying saved on us – sometimes in a subtle way.  Christ only looked for faith to accomplish His redemptive work and miracles of grace which He bestowed amazingly on sinners that many of us would have walked away from. Trusting Christ for our complete salvation is our admission that we cannot save ourselves and can only be rescued by Him and His work for us on the cross (Rom..9:31-32). The grace life is a life of victory and we serve Christ, because we are saved and born again of the Spirit of God. To be filled with Christ and His Holy Spirit, means to make room for Him in every area of our lives as we confess our known sins and continue to turn from them (meta-noia) at every instance. The Lord makes us to be victors when we vacate the throne and kneel before Him who created us anew. “Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” Rom. 8:37
On this trip, Anna had four meetings with women where she could share from her many years as a born again believer beginning as a young teen in Poland responding to the Word of God at a Catholic Oasis camp which was using evangelical materials. Anna focused her message to the women on the renewing of their minds.”For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7
“The Lord opens doors we are not able to
I spent time again with the last three living assistants that I knew of from those early years of the original “Oasis” movement. One I met for the first time on this trip after forty two years and he is most eager to do evangelical ministry among Catholics. He is pictured below first with the two well known reformer Catholic priests who invited me to spend hours with them. One of those priests came as I taught for ninety minutes about the Gospel of Grace from the Scriptures at a men’s meeting in a Warsaw evangelical church. He also came to have lunch with us at the invitation of two Catholic women that Anna was ministering to. I saw him two more times and shared with him for hours in his Catholic Mission and Living Center near Warsaw and then left him my books written in Polish for Roman Catholics open to the Gospel.
The second priest is a legend in Poland and the founder of a major well known reform movement (neokatechumenat) within the Roman Catholic Church. We met twice in 1976/77. He wrote a book on the Gospel titled, “It’s Free, by Grace” which is out of print but I hope to get a downloaded copy from him soon. He says, he stayed in his church to reach more people with the Gospel – he wanted to leave.  He is now in a Senior retirement home but I am hopeful that the Lord will still use him to open many doors for the Gospel among Catholics. 


Last year in 2017 we were invited to speak and teach in forty Polish churches of eight denominations in two trips. This year during the early spring we were invited to preach and teach in twenty seven churches and anticipate hopefully a fall tour of many (30) churches in October and November. Our main purpose is the preaching of the Gospel which we have summarized in a previous letter, "Seven Eternal Truths" . Though this may seem elementary for many, today in Poland others have an emphasis on many other requirements for salvation and an emphasis on secondary matters which at times go beyond Scripture and create distractions. Spiritual maturity is difficult if the foundation is not solid. Too many have come with "another gospel ...entangling them with the yoke of bondage" and have tried to infiltrate almost every denomination. Lord willing as our children finish their schooling in about two years, we are willing to move to Poland for a time that the Lord will reveal to us. We have already established language, culture and close relationships with many in Poland over many years, so we would be running as soon as we arrive each time. While we have been in America, we have also had ministry to Poles in Canada, South America, England, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Chicago and in Florida. The need for those ministries lessens as most Poles can now fully understand English and our greater calling is to Poland. This summer we will be available to meet with many of you and we must prepare in many ways to return to Poland. "For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you have need again for someone to teach you the elementary principles of the oracles of God, and you have come to need milk and not solid food." Heb. 5:12

The Lord has prepared us for over 56 years for me and 36 years for Anna in understanding these movements and how we can steer new converts back to the elementary first principles of our salvation before those in Poland can go further to maturity. It is difficult to build on another gospel foundation and we have been called to reestablish the elementary things first. We do believe that a good healthy local church can teach the elementary first principles and that the local church is still the best place to develop maturity with those whom we are being called to work with. Our sanctification and glorification come after our justification (imputed righteousness freely given by grace through faith in Christ alone). Our examples of entry to this new life in Christ are many in Scripture, including Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman, The crippled man, the tax collector and the thief on the cross. Once the basic teachings are UNDERSTOOD, we can go on to maturity which leads to overcoming the lusts of our flesh, the world and satanic schemes to defeat us. "So let us stop going over the basic teachings about Christ again and again. Let us go on instead and become mature in our understanding."Heb. 6:1a


 Yes some are ready to move on and eventually all should be brought to a maturity of holiness based on the fruit of the Spirit that leads to service of love, ministry to the saints and being ambassadors for Christ to the lost. Our second calling is to help bring the believers to maturity which will result in a life of service to the Lord and for the salvation of souls. The importance here is to place a biblical emphasis on the sanctification process that comes from God's Word, the fellowship of a good church and His Holy Spirit. All of us are brought to a maturity of holiness based on the fruit of the Spirit as we are filled with the Holy Spirit by regular confession of all known sin, 'meta noia' towards sin to put off the old ways and put on the new (Ephesians 4:22-24) and to trust fully in all the promises of God for the believer as we allow the Word of Christ to dwell in us richly. (Colossians 3:16). Holiness is not religion or the mere absence of sin, but the flowing of God’s character through us, bearing good fruit because we are connected to the “Vine”. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law. Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. Let us not become boastful, challenging one another, envying one another." Gal. 5:22-26


Our main messages to believers center on the three aspects of salvation (justification, sanctification & glorification) which involve the ministry of our heavenly Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. We are not only saved from the penalty of sin, but also from the power and in Heaven (minus the flesh, the world and the devil) we will be saved from the presence of sin. Our goal to bring the Biblical Gospel to the Polish nation can only be fulfilled by the mobilization of the Poles themselves to reach each generation. “For Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.” But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent?" Romans 10:13-15


We have two outlines of our Gospel message (in the Bible Study side bar section) and the Work of the Holy Spirit which involve our justification that begins our sanctification. Our salvation is not only from the penalty of sin, but we are all given power through the new birth, to overcome sin and live righteously. In the end we will take our entire lifes work as believers to be seperated into gold on one side and wood,hay and stubble on the other side. The wood, hay and stubble (works done in the flesh) will be destroyed and only that which we did in faith (in the power of the Holy Spirit) will remain and forever we will each be differently rewarded in Eternity - where the old flesh, the world and satan will be absent. This is known as our glorification and how we live our Christian lives on Earth determine the outcome. "So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aim to please him. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil. Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men ... " 2 Corinthians 5: 9-11


At the end of April 2018 Anna was serving at the fifth Polish Christian Women' s conference in Chicago and spoke to the 100 plus Polish women at the very end on being Born Again from the Gospel of John. We are planning on being together in Poland in October and November this fall and serving in many churches there. She will be speaking at women's meetings in Poland.


2017 History


In the fall of 2017, Anna and I were both in Poland. Preaching and teaching meetings were held for twenty four churches, two prisons, one school, including three Saturday Bible conferences across Poland. In several meetings, about sixty total indicated faith in Christ alone for their salvation and plans were made with church leaders for more meetings in 2018. This trip was special as we were able to minister to a number of individuals together. The Lord has opened the doors to dozens of churches and influential leaders in the “Evangelical” church to our ministry like never before. Future planning is now going on through January for Florida, Chicago and Poland. Our purpose and goal in our teaching is to proclaim the Gospel accurately and to show them that good works and spiritual service (fruit) is an outgrowth of our salvation and not a means to it. Salvation includes the process of sanctification as the second greatest work of the Holy Spirit after the new birth. We serve and do good deeds because we are saved and not to get saved. Working to deserve your salvation has to be the hardest and most impossible endeavor anyone can embark on. It is hard to bring the salvation message to others, if you are still working on your own salvation. The new birth, the sealing of the Holy Spirit indwelling us and the fullness of our redemption freely given by grace through faith; gives us the power to overcome and live victoriously for Christ and to truly be followers of Him. If our Gospel is just another variation of works salvation and our pride is only in rejection of certain unbiblical religious dogmas, then we missed the jewel and crowning glory of the born again Christian life. Our faith is in His work for us on the Cross and His Spirit’s fruit flowing through our lives moment by moment. By faith in God we act in obedience, trusting in our Lord’s redemption, provision, protection and sovereignty. It is Satan’s victory that many have fallen for “another gospel” (Gal. 1:9). Only the Gospel of a full and free salvation to all who trust in Christ alone can bring a great breakthrough of revival in Poland. It’s not better methods, gifted teachers, technology, one denomination or any other medium that will reach the lost souls of Poland. It is the preaching and living out of the Gospel that was “once for all delivered to the saints.” (Jude 3)


In December 2017, Joe ministered in Brooklyn, New York at the First Polish Baptist Church in meetings over a weekend, including the Sunday morning worship service message. Pastor Paweł Kołodziejczak has been serving this 112 year old church since 2014 in the well known Polish Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. It is our prayer that this church again can start a revival among Poles living all across America. Also in December, our annual MissionPoland tele-board meeting will take place as our eleven board members live in six different states.



 In the early 1970’s, Joe left for Poland and helped begin Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) in Poland. The entire Catholic youth movement in Poland “Oaza” was affected by the Gospel and the fruit of that mission continues to grow and multiply today! One of those Oaza leaders affected was Anna. On this trip to Poland in 2017 Joe's secret surveilance file from the 1970's in Soviet run Poland was made public and reveals that there were many secret agents involved and reporting on him. It also reveals that it was clear to the Communist government that his intentions were strictly to preach the Gospel, although private student gatherings of 500 were unheard of and the activity among the churches was extensive. In 1990, Joe and Anna met in Chicago and soon they became inseparable. A ministry of Christian radio, camps, concerts, festivals and training conferences were held throughout the city of Chicago throughout the 90's. They now have three grown children (Mary - 24, Lukas - 22 and Konrad - 20 as of June 2017) In 2004, Joe and Anna started MissionPoland. This ministry began with holding Bible conferences and evangelistic meetings in churches and family camps in Poland. We also continued ministry to Poles in America and the U.K.. Fruit from these earlier years still needs to be gathered, discipled and organized. We still have unique doors open for us and have been preparing for an even greater harvest in Poland. God has protected and provided for us and we trust Him to continue, as we keep His word, love the Lord, honor His name and have His purpose.


How MissionPoland Began



 The vision for creating a new Polish ministry began while we were members at Moody Church in Chicago in the 1990's. We had a Polish Christian Bookstore and with that opened up a radio program, many children's camps. Special concerts and vision trips to new emerging free Poland; all on a part time self supporting basis for our personal expenses. Joe was the Sunday School Director at the time in the 1990's. Several Elders of the church encouraged us to form an official 501 c 3 corporation back then and several years later MissionPoland started procedures in 2006 to become a 501 c 3 non profit ministry to Polish speakers worldwide as we were stepping out by faith full time in the fall of 2004. Our first and current Board chair was Joe's CCC Ministry Director in Poland with the first two summer ministry teams in 1976 and 1977. By January of 2007 we were a 501 (c) 3 corporation and now carefully account for each donation with a mature board of Christian pastors, missionaries and business people. We also account with the Federal and state government where we are registered. Anna and Joe began 2017 with a week in January where we came to Chicago for planning meetings and prayer. February 25, 2017 The Marriage seminar at the Bethel Community Church in Chicago with Wojciech and Grazyna Furman from the Willow Creek Church Polish Community, was a great success and we hope a growing annual event!


April 22, 2017 and April 21, 2018



The Fourth & Fifth Polish Christian Women’s Conference in Chicago at Bethel Church - 7601 W. Foster Chicago and The Church of our Saviour in Norridge, IL. Read more about it on our link Or on the offical website:


2017 April and May in Poland Late April and all of May in Poland, speaking, preaching and teaching: I have just returned from five weeks of ministry in Poland; speaking in ten churches, two prisons, one Roman Catholic Monastery, one Evangelical Christian school and in a dozen private ministry meetings. Every church meeting involves hours of personal time with the pastor of each church. Most pastors have been believers for only ten to twenty years. Our message is designed for each church as I spoke in mainly four different denominations this time. We never change the message, but come at it from different directions with each church. Three new churches were added to a group of around forty churches in Poland that I have been ministering to. This time I was only able to meet with two denominational heads who both desire to work with me in their 150 churches across Poland. Our basic handbook which includes a detailed presentation of the Gospel, Christian growth and who is not a born again Christian, covers the evangelistic part of the handbook with strong scriptural underpinning. Bible studies on how we got our Bible, Eternal Security, The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in detail and the Deity of Christ are covered in detail with Scripture in this 36 paged handbook which also includes my testimony and early history of evangelism in Poland from where thousands of them have been saved. Yes, Anna was with me and she has stayed a few more days to minister to her recently widowed Mother as well as the whole family. We are already praying and preparing for our return to Poland in the fall of 2017. Three months before the fall trip, five evangelical denominations have already scheduled us to speak and teach across Poland. We will put that schedule up in September as it is building and will be more complete then.








Twenty five men prayed to trust in Christ completely for their eternal salvation and expressed it publically in front of the other inmates as I spoke to them for a good hour in the GARBALIN STATE PRISON. Pictures were taken by the prison guards and sent to me by them as I also have been witnessing to them in my fourth visit to this prison where many more were saved in previous visits to GARBALIN MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON in the very center of Poland. Pictures were not taken in the second prison in SIERADZ where six indicated faith in the finished work of our Lord on the cross. 



********************************************************************************************************************* MISSIONPOLAND IN 2016 We already had a great year in the Lord in Chicago, London and twenty five cities in Poland from January to August which you can read about in monthly news on the side bar. Below you can read about our ministry in October and November. Anna begins with women's ministry meetings in Chicago and Indianapolis in September, then we both traveled to London and a number of Polish cities. Pictured here below are some of the great Polish women in Chicago who are a great witness for the Lord in that large Polish emigre community who still have great influence in Poland. The Polish Christian Women’s Conference has been a large outreach event to the Polish speaking community in the Chicago area. Anna began that ministry almost four years ago. April 22, 2017 is the date for the fourth Polish Christian Women's Conference. The Conference also includes a family event with drama, music, testimonies and a Gospel presentation . The ministry is under the umbrella of MissionPoland; and the women have their own executive committee. A marriage Conference is also being held in February. Both conferences will be held at the Bethel Community Church on Foster Ave. in Chicago which is in the heart of the largest Polish communities.


Anna holding Dad, with Sister Monika reaching out to Mom October - November 2016 in Poland and London Anna came to Poland after Joe was already there for two weeks. We knew that Anna’s father had inoperable spreading lung cancer. We did not know he would die only six days after Anna arrived. Anna was by her father’s side every waking moment. Her father looked at her and asked in his pain,”Why isn’t God allowing me to die?” Anna told him, “You aren’t ready to die”. Anna explained the Gospel to him again and in his last conscious moments of agony he realized he had ignored God all of his life even as a church goer. Anna told him about the thief on the Cross with Jesus next to him; how the thief wasted his life and how he deserved to be crucified for his crimes. That the thief expressed faith in Christ on the Cross and Jesus gave the thief the promise of being saved in Paradise that very same day! Anna’s father prayed with her and as he slipped away, his last words were, “Jesus was calling the thief to come with Him”. Joe was in the next room praying as Anna was alone with her dad when he gave up his last breath. Mary flew in from New York for the funeral. It was a great time to witness in word and deed to friends and family who knew her Dad. London Polish First Floor Church where Anna gave her testimony One week after the funeral, Anna flew to London for three days of a Polish Women’s Conference, while Joe was teaching in Lublin, Poland. Anna was also able to share about her father at the Polish First Floor Church which organized the women’s conference in London. This was Anna’s second meeting with Polish Christian women in London and the First Floor Church, who also have a heart to reach out to Poles in London. It was a very special time to meet those dear ladies a second time from the London Polish church and pray together. We continued to share our thoughts, desires and dreams after the meeting was over, for reaching out to Polish people in all our communities. Plans were made for a group of Polish women from London to come to the fourth Polish Women’s Christian Conference in Chicago. Ministry in London and Poland: Besides Anna speaking at the Polish women’s conference in London; two weeks later, Joe spoke to the Polish Church on Saturday and Sunday morning in London for a joint gathering of the Polish and English Church. The President of all Polish Baptist churches in Poland was there to baptize Poles and the Vice President of all European Baptists was also present. We were with this Polish church as it started in London, where 500,000 young Poles are now living and working.



Joe came to America on this great ship when he was two years and nine months old. He does remember several moments on the journey. 

Pictured below are Joe's parents Marian Andrzej  and Barbara Łosiak. Joe is sitting on his mother's lap in the upper right hand corner pic.


Both parents were born and raised in Poland in 1917 (Marian near Kielce) and 1922 (Barbara between Lublin and  Lwów). Both found themselves in Germany because of World War Two and married right after the war, but were not allowed to return to Poland because of the Communist takeover agreed to by the Left wing  American State Departmen under Democrat Roosevelt  at Yalta. They tried twice to return to Poland on foot as all transportation was down after the war for some time. Russian soldiers had already formed the "Iron Curtain" and so they lived in a Polish Dispacement Camp from 1944 to 1951. Joe was born in November of 1948 in that Polish camp in Germany. When it became clear that returning to Poland was impossible, their second choice was to go to Australia, but the quota was full and finally they received an invitation from the United States of America to become permanent residents there. Joe, his older brother "Ted" who is no longer living and parents were given the privelege of coming to America in early September of 1951on the merchant marine ship General Langfitt, pictured here also. Joe's parents were opposed to his conversion to evangelical Christianity when he was almost 14 years old, but after many years eventually came to understand the Gospel and trusted in Christ alone for their salvation. 




Pictured above are the some of the elders of the Polish First Floor Church in London with Joe and the President of all Polish Baptist Churches from Poland Mateusz Wichary. Joe spoke and taught in many churches across Poland in October & November. Everywhere we left behind our teaching handbook in Polish which includes our salvation and ministry testimony as well as the basic Bible lessons we have taught on: Who is Eternally Lost, Seven Principles of Salvation, Where did the Bible Come From, The Ministry of the Holy Spirit, The Deity of Christ and Eternal Security. This handbook in Polish is a condensed package of what we would teach for unbelievers and new Christians. Invitations have already been made to come to other churches, next time. On our first stop there was a young man was completely broken down and thrown out of his home by his wife for constant drunkenness. He attended our weekend Bible conference in Grifino, Poland and at the end; he testified to his salvation and that his wife had even asked him to come back home after many months when she saw the change in him. After talking to several Polish Christian leaders, we are looking forward organizing a national pastors training conference and regional evangelism crusades. We also spoke to several gatherings of brand new churches seeking to flourish. Poland in the fall of 2017 Ministry in Poland will follow with holding seminars, conferences, meetings and evangelistic outreach in up to twenty five cities on two trips to Poland, Lord willing. This year the emphasis will be on “the obedience of Faith”. “…through whom we have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith among all the Gentiles for His name's sake.” Letter to the first Church in Rome 1:5 The Apostle Paul begins his greatest letter emphasizing that he will be writing about the obedience of faith and he closes the entire book with the same emphasis. “… but now is manifested, and by the Scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the eternal God, has been made known to all the nations, leading to obedience of faith…” Romans 16: 26. Before I leave for Poland I will have this subject on my heart and in my studies for the Polish nation. Today with modern communications and the connections that we have our message reaches more and more people each year. We have friends in the print, Internet, radio, TV and publishing media that the Lord has brought to us. Our next trip to Poland will take place on October 14 to November 20, 2017. We already plan to be in Lublin, Krakow, Sieradz, Garbalin, Kalisz, Gryfino and Warsaw. By mid September we should have a full schedule of the many cities we will be in for evangelism, discipleship and mission. Click on Prayer List (Plans) on the side bar to see a growing schedule from week to week. Thank you for your prayers and support for MissionPoland which has continued for thirteen years now. 2018 In March, Joe traveled to Poland for six weeks of speaking, with a two day stop in London, UK on the way to Poland and on the way back. In London at the Polish Baptist First Floor Church, Joe will have four or five sessions of teaching. The next day Sunday morning, Joe will be preaching at the Warsaw Brethren Church and from there, many other evangelical churches of various denominations and ministry events are being scheduled throughout the winter. Between now and then: prayer, communication, preparation and some fund raising will take place. Lord willing, Anna will return with me for six more weeks in the fall. In late January both of us will be in Chicago. Preparation for the fifth Polish Women’s Christian Conference has already begun. Anna is going to meet with the women’s ministry board (which now includes our daughter Mary) , conference coordinators, workshop teachers and volunteers to work on all the details going into this great April, 2018 event. The theme for this year is SURROUNDED BY GRACE. Joe and Anna will be meeting with several churches and MissionPoland Partners. We are looking for an apartment or house to rent to give us more freedom for inviting guests January 17 -21, 2018. In April, Anna led the fifth Polish Christian Women’s Conference in Chicago and we returned to Florida together at the end of April as I flew back from Poland. More important than the funding is that we are prepared to be used by God while being given the entire platform in twenty six churches this spring that we could fit it on a six week trip (five weeks and five days to be exact) We will add several more daytime meetings with key ministers in Poland and perhaps one or two more churches. I am spending all my time each day in prayer and more preparation for the fall trip with Anna to Poland. 

Pictured here are some of the great accomplished pastors and teachers who were placed in my life over the course of fifty five years. There are dozens of others, but these seven men certainly changed the world. InNovember of 2019 wee wil add Bill Vesely and John Kopecky of the Lawndale Emmanuel Baptist Church, Randall James of the First Baptit Church of Orlando,  Marty DeBoer,Seve Kovic, Conrad Koch of Campus Crusade for Christ and Krzysztof Bednarzyk of the Krakow Baptist Church. 


Our ministry in Poland is built on twenty five years of Anna and me building trust relationships with believers in Poland. It was also built on earlier ministry that is still bearing fruit from the 1970’s with Campus Crusade for Christ, when I was living in Poland. The Lord has prepared us over many years. For me, even before I entered Poland for the first time in 1974, the eleven years of intensive Bible and ministry training came from many great teachers between October 31, 1962 and September of 1974, which continued into the 1990’s at the Moody Church in Chicago and ministry to Poles that included even more preparation with associations like Harold O.J. Brown who attached himself to our early Polish ministry and traveled with me in Poland before he was called home. Dr. Brown was our first MissionPoland boardmember. Pastor Jim Henry also joined our board in the beginning and is still with us. I can list fifty more teachers and mentors as we were given the best for the work we are called to do. The Lord has blessed us with great board members since 2006 when we started to form the MissionPoland board. In the past twenty five years of travels to Poland, we have come to know each group of believers and those they must reach as two individuals that are bi-lingual and bi-cultural. There are basic teachings that all believers need to know and God’s Word was written for all men to read with the help of the Holy Spirit and faithful teachers who have studied God’s Word. Poland has great seminaries for those called to special scholarship, but the Christian life and growing in grace and knowledge is for all believers important to master. This is much needed in Poland among the regular people who represent 98%.

  Not all of us are called to be teachers and all good teachers study afresh for their next assignment from the Lord. Please pray for me to be diligent in study and to have full receptivity to God’s Holy Spirit over these three months that remain before we fly to Europe.



 Here is an outline of our Spring trip, excluding Chicago at the end of April which we already mentioned.



MARCH - 2018


16 Friday LONDON- 2 Day Bible Conference with Polish professionals living in England


17 Saturday LONDON Contact: Robert Jankowski - First Floor Polish Baptist Church


18 Sunday WARSAW Brethren Church morning Service) Contact: Senior Elder Paweł Ratz


19 Monday WARSAW – Private Meeting: Psalm Studio Recordings Director Edward Sosulski & Former Catholic Oasis HQ staff and personal assistant to the Founder – Jerzy Główka


20 Tuesday WARSAW - Private Meetings: Bishop Marek Kaminski, President of all Polish Pentecostal Churches & Pastor Mateusz Wichary , President of all Polish Christian Baptist Churches


21 Wednesday pm WARSAW Mid-wk service Contact: Pastor Wojtek Leszczyński - KChWE


22 Thursday OPOCZNO Brethren New Church Plant – Prayer and Teaching Meeting


24 Saturday KALISZ Baptist Church Bible Conference Contact: Pastor Tomasz Jeżyk


25 Sunday OLSZTYN Baptist Church Service Contact: Elder Mirosław Wiereńko


27 Tuesday NOWOGARD Evangelical Service Contact: President of Polish Evangelical Christian churches Pastor Cezary Komisarz


28 Wednesday KAMIEŃ POMORSKI Evangelical Church service Contact:Pastor Daniel Kowaliński


29 Thursday SZCZECIN Evangelical Church service Contact: Pastor Leon Dziadkowiec


30 Friday SZCZECIN Home Church Bible teaching meeting Contact: Elder Maks Pyra


31 Saturday (Travel and rest) APRIL - 2018 1 Sun. am PRUSZKOW El Shaddai Church Worship Service Contact: Pastor Jacek Słaby




1 Sunday pm PRUSZKOW Christian radio program POP 19:00 – 20:00 3 Tuesday BIAŁA PODLASKA (Baptist mid-week service) Contact: Pastor Gnel & Gosia Gevorkyan


4 Wednesday LUBLIN (Oaza Pentecostal Service) Contact: Pastor Marek Wółkiewicz


5 Thursday ŁOMŻA Church of God Service - Contact: Pastor Leszek Korzeniecki


6 Friday SUWAŁKI Church of God Service - Contact: Pastor Leszek Korzeniecki


7 Saturday WĘGORZEWO Church of God Bible Conference - Contact: Pastor Leszek Korzeniecki


8 Sunday KĘTRZYN Church of God Worship Service - Contact: Pastor Leszek Korzeniecki


11 Wednesday - still being scheduled


12 Thursday – MŁAWA (Brethren Service) Contact Senior Elder Dariusz Laskowski


13 Friday – WARSAW (Evangelical Church Club Metting for College and Career Young Adults)


14 Saturday MODLIBORZYCE Evangelical Service - Contact: Pastor Jacek Duda


15 Sunday am LUBLIN Evangelical Service - Contact: Pastor Jacek Duda 15 Sunday pm. LESZKOWICE - Evangelical Service - Contact: Pastor Jacek Duda


18 Wednesday JAWORZNO - Brethren Church service - Contact: Sr. Elder Stanisław Siodlak


19 Thursday – WARSAW – Brethren Church Service – Contact: Overseer Elder Paweł Ratz


20 Friday KRAKÓW Bethlehem Pentecostal Church Service -Contact:Pastor Wiesław Didoszak 21 Saturday - still being scheduled


22 Sunday am KRAKÓW Nowa Huta Pentecostal Church Service - Contact: Pastor Paweł Sochacki


22 Sunday pm KRAKÓW Church of God Homeless Church Service - Contact: Pastor Jurek Konieczny


(Eight days missing here were for travel and rest)


At every stop, regardless of which message or lesson I am giving; understanding the Gospel of grace, trusting in His work on the cross alone for our salvation and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit - Christ living in us - is paramount.


A Born Again believer in Christ is a new creation and Christ lives in us. We serve and do good works because we are saved and not in order to get saved or to guarantee our salvation. Salvation is a gift from God and when we believe in Him we become members of His forever family as His children. (Romans 10:9) HE holds us in His hands and no one, can take us out of His hands, including ourselves. Serious believers remain and persevere to the end, because of God’s working in our lives. (Philippians 1:6; John 10:27-29; Hebrews 3:14; 1 John 2:19; Romans 8:38-39) We are blessed with every spiritual blessing from heaven and also sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, as a guarantee of our inheritance until our redemption is fully realized in Heaven. (Ephesians 1:3-14) The Lord gives his children the will and the power through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to do His good pleasure as we work out our salvation by walking in the Spirit. (Acts 1:8; Galatians 2:20, 5:16-23, 6:14; Philippians 2:12-13; Hebrews 13:21) We will not stand at the Great white Throne Judgment for the unsaved. (John 5:24; Romans 8:1) The first great work of the Holy Spirit is in our salvation and new birth; the second great work is in our sanctification and maturity which includes regular confession of sin, believers repentance, growing in grace and knowledge, a renewing of our minds and putting on the new in place of the old, etc.. (Titus 3: 5-8; Ephesians 4: 22-24; 5:15-25; 1 John 1: 9 to 2:29) Those who believe they are earning their salvation by all kinds of good and religious works will not be justified before God, is a critical message in Poland. (Luke 18:9-14; Romans 9:31-32; Matthew 7:21-23) Not all born again redeemed believers will be rewarded in the same way before the Bema Judgment Seat of Christ where all we have done as believers – good and bad will be evaluated. (2 Corinthians 5:9-21; 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20) Our salvation is from both the penalty of sin and from the power of sin, as we are complete in Him. (Colossians 2:6-10)




 Joe and Anna Łosiak – MissionPoland We are now planning and praying about being in Poland this spring of 2019. Copyright 2009 by MissionPoland


Copyright 2009 by MissionPoland