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This month, last week we were in Minnesota for an important Polish leaders meeting where we were asked to speak by founding MissionPoland board members Stu and Emma Urban. Then we drove to Chicago and met three other board members there and scheduled an April 16 Sunday Morning Worship Service where we will teach at the Chicago Polish Christian Center.

We stayed with MissionPoland founding board members Stu and Emma Urban in Minnesota. We were able to say a few words at their church Saturday morning prayer breakfast and then to speak to the leaders of Polish Evangelicals living in America - Joanna and Paweł Tomczyk, the president of the North American Baptist Association Marek Szajner and the representative of the Leonard Jankowski family who was a founding member of MissionPoland - Kasia Jankowski; and their friends. Missionary John Stacknik and his beautiful wife hosted the meeting at their home in Minnesota. Stu and Zelma (Emma) pictured here and who served with us at the Moody Church in the 1990's. Lord willing, we will be in Chicago in May and Poland in the Fall this year 2023. Yes, we hope to go back to Minnesota in 2024. Over the next two or three years we hope to visit all our board members and supporters in the United states from New York to California and from Florida to Minnesota. In these next two weeks we are planning a six day trip to the Chicago area from April 12th to the 16th. We are open to scheduling meetings in English and Polish. Plans in May and June in Chicago will be made for Chicago and June to August for Florida with 10 Mission workers joining us from Poland. 

Anna and are planning to be in Poland at many churches teaching in September, October and November and we will write about that this summer. Anna is also taking a four week trip to be with our daughter and her family of four in Poland for two weeks in June and stay for two more weeks with her mother who is in her eighties. I will be home alone and hope out two young sons can be with me for a time, but we have five major repairs to make on our house and I am praying for help from a tradesman in house repairs to help for a day or more between June 12 and July 10. (Washroom floor, back porch steps, trim and paint a kitchen, retile a floor and possibly adding a new bedroom floor with finished wood. Anna and I will do as much as we can before we leave on trips and events, and hope to finish everything by this summer. 

Our house will be used for twenty or more ministry visitors staying here for the next six months and can be used for our family as our sons and daughter  are still changing or finishing work places, schooling and possible homes. Before 2028, Anna and I plan to live in Poland for at least one year and travel to all the churches we ministered to over the years. We also hope to visit all our board members and supporters to thank them across the USA. 

For now, please pray for our upcoming trip to Chicago and that we will be received well before and after we come to share, encourage and to thank all of you. Our Schedule is open from Wednesday night to Monday morning April 12 to April 17. Only Sunday morning April 16 is now scheduled at the Polish Christian Center in Chicago. We will be calling many of you in Chicago  over the next two weeks. 

The revolution of Jesus. Discipleship all over - Joe Łosiak (

Soon after Minnesota, we will drive down to the Chicago area and meet with four of our board members. We also will work to continue our ministry with Polish Christian elders in Chicago for city-wide ministry in April and May. This will include preparations for a team of Polish Christians  we have worked with in Lublin, Poland. They have their Christian Internet TV Network and are starting new churches. We will join them in mid-May for outreach ministry in Chicago and in June they will be with us to minister to their Florida TV viewers and help them grow in Christ. 

   Idź Pod Prąd TV - YouTube

Plans for Chicago in April are now being made and include speaking at the Polish Christian Center Church on Austin near Belmont on Sunday morning April 16. Other plans and ministry in May and June with ten mission workers from the New Covenant Churches of Poland will be revealed as they minister in Chicago and Florida with us. 



(Richard E. Wager, Lance Latham, Craig Massey, Dave Sunde, Louis Goldberg, Harold O.J. Brown, Nelson ‘Bud’ Hinkson, Dick Sanner, Conrad Koch, Martin DeBoer, Bill Bright, Josh McDowell, Ed Komoszewski, Grant Richison, Jim Henry, Paul Cowan, Norm Geisler, Phil Hook, Joseph Dillow, Erwin Lutzer, Mary Whelchel Lowman, James Kennedy, Bill Vesely, Johnny Kopecky, Steve Kovic, George Verwer, Ray Staszewski, Franciszek Blachnicki, Krzysztof Bednarczyk, and Zbigniew Czerwinski)

We did learn and work with many others over the years and could have listed more names, but these were the main teachers, pastors, mentors, missions, schools, and churches that stand out in my mind. Our Polish evangelism and discipleship handbooks written by us for the Polish mindset, have been consolidated for reprinting and distribution in November of 2022. 



THE MAIN ORGANIZATIONS & CHURCHES THAT WE LEARNED FROM & SERVED OVER THE PAST 40 and 60 YEARS:  Awana, Navigators, Youth for Christ, Campus Crusade for Christ, Moody Bible Institute, Emmaus Bible Correspondence School, CCC Institute of Biblical Studies and churches where Joe served in ministry include Emmanuel Baptist Church, Moody Church, First Baptist of Orlando and perhaps one hundred Polish churches in Poland, England, Canada, France, Ecuador and in the USA.  Anna and Joe  have also organized and directed children's, teen's and adult camps at the Moody Youth Camp, Silver Birch Ranch, Camp Timberlee, The Polish Eben Ezer Camp and many other camps in Poland. 


 "There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all."  Ephesians 4: 4-6


MissionPoland Board Members 2023


Clarence Ostałkiewicz (1924-2013) * Harold O.J. Brown (1933-2007) * Leonard Jankowski (1936-2021)


 Martin W. DeBoer (1944-2021) *  Raymond Phillip Staszewski (1934-2022)




Pastor Dick Sanner - Chair * Gilbert Dekelaita - Treasurer * Donalyn Bratton – Secretary 

                    Joe Łosiak - Director * Anna Łosiak - Associate Director * Pastor Emeritus Jim Henry 

Iwona Banasik * Pastor Ed Komoszewski * Pastor Grant Richison * Pastor Greg Krumes *

John Lieske * Stu Urban 


Praise and Prayers for all who have helped us over the years, Anna & Joe Losiak



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