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 Welcome to MissionPoland



Welcome to MissionPoland 2022



Poland Spring 2022 in 22 Cities

25 Churches including 2 Ukrainian

2 Schools (Krakow & Gdansk)

3 Bible conferences

8 Women’s meetings with Anna

2 Men’s meetings with Joe

2 Singing concerts for Joe 

6 Brethren Churches 

4 Baptist Churches

4 Evangelical Christian Churches

4 Pentacostal and Church of God

4 New Covenant Churches 

3 Roman Catholic Churches



We are thanking our Lord as He has answered all our prayers abundantly.

We are astounded for the many invitations to minister with God’s Word as they increased from city to city.  

The Lord sustained us with strength and stamina. Reception at every church was a great blessing from our Lord.


Well know Christian Internet TV “Idź Pod Prąd” (Go against the current) recorded several programs with both of us

together, which brought us in personal contact with new people at some meetings. Future meetings are already being

talked about in Poland. Our printed materials are being used in all these places.  


In May, we were with Pastors Oleksandr Illin and  Okeksandr & Oksana Moroz from Crimea, Ukraine at the Warsaw

Ukrainian Baptist Church with 200 Ukrainians. In Kraków Joe also preached at the Sunday service to 150 Ukrainians

with Pastor Andrey Hlopkov and delivered a carload of Ukrainian materials from our friends in CEF. Pastors Moroz and

Hlopkov were also with us at the Polish – Ukrainian three-day conference in Lublin where Anna and Joe were also

speakers. We were praying and planning the evangelization of Poland with Ukrainians who have experienced a great

awakening by following the Lord’s example and teachings in their land, even during the Russian invasion. Both churches

were given a financial gift from some of you. The pastors present at the conference and others have committed

themselves to begin a new Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Poland. We plan to be with them again this Fall.


July Through November 2022

Summer and early fall plans include a trips to the Chicago area July 30 until August 8 and,

the first week of October. We will be speaking at the Polish Christian Center in Chicago 3020 N. Austin 

on Sunday morning on August 7 and our full schedule will be put up over the next three weeks before

we come. Early October plans in Chicago will be announced in August and September. In mid October 

we will return to Poland for six weeks of speaking meetings across Poland. Thank you for your prayers, support

and your love. MissionPoland is supported by individuals and churches who are faithful to our Savior and Lord. 


MissionPoland June 2022 NewsLetter

Dear Praying and Believing Friends,

Our time in Poland this past month has been filled with surprises and blessings with Two Church and Workers

Conferences where we were asked to be the main speakers. One conference was for both Polish ministries and

Ukrainian ministries. We ministered to fourteen churches in May also; and  unexpectantly to the new national leader of

the Oasis movement

whom we never met before. We went there to see 90-year secretary Dorota Seweryn of the movement who knew us

and the original

founder very well. We spent five days in the city (Lublin) where I was first invited to speak in 1975 at the only Roman Catholic

University between Germany and Vladivostok, Russia. Through a series of unforeseen by me events I was asked

to sing in many Catholic churches after I won a national award in Poznan, Poland and caused a stir in Kraków by singing

about Jesus at the Communist Party May 1st celebration where I was asked to sing and comment on the Krakow

University Campus. I was also invited by students to sing at the Catholic University in Lublin where I was told the

founder of Europe’s largest Catholic Youth Camp Organization was waiting for me after I sang and spoke. To my joyful

surprise, he shared that God was leading him to take his great youth ministry in a new direction and I told Him that I

might be able to organize a team from America from different churches to share and present what was happening back

in those days as the

Jesus Movement. I was at Explo ’72 which will celebrate 50 years in ten days and a teacher at the University of Illinois

in Chicago of the basic Leadership Training Class which involved knowing the Gospel as well as the ministry of the

indwelling Spirit of God after the new birth.

Many of you know, I also was a “Head Leader” in Awana youth clubs for

Pals and Pioneer boys, Sunday School Director for boys, Navigator trained by my pastor R.E. Wager and Camp Director.

I took night and summer classes at the Moody Bible Institute while I worked there in maintenance after High School. So

after several years as a student leader with Campus Crusade for Christ in Chicago, I knew they were more than able to

send a highly trained team to Poland and their Directors in Vienna, Austria agreed to do so. The rest is history which

could fill a large book, but I mention this because today in Lublin, four of the six evangelical protestant pastors in

Lublin, Poland were all part of that Roman Catholic Youth “Oasis” Movement (Which does not exist in the same way or

vision today after the founder’s death around 1985.) 

I mention all of this here above to tell all of you that great fruit remains of thousands who were saved by grace through

faith in the finished work of our Lord on the Cross, and four of the six evangelical protestant churches pastors in Lublin where

we spent five days in ministry were saved while they were Roman Catholics at the Oasis Youth camps and decided to

become Evangelical pastors later in life. We have spoken in all four of the churches including two this past month of

May. Last night we spoke at the largest Pentecostal Church in Kraków for the tenth time, where the wife of the pastor

was also born again through God’s Word at the Oasis Youth camps which from 1975 until the early eighties after I left

stopped the evangelical teachers from coming. Anna and the Founders Secretary whom we met again last month

explained to us exactly what happened twenty years ago.

WE still have three churches to go to this weekend in Cracow, Chełm and Hrubieszów (The last two on the Ukrainian

border). On our final week we will be in Gdansk for evangelism at a Polish Montessori School, with he Baptist and New

Covenant churches organizing a meeting and in Szczecin – also on the Baltic by Germany.  Thank you for praying and

sharing with donations and emails. We hope to have a strong month in funding and to near 100% of our budget for the

month of June. Every gift of any size is a great blessing for us. We will send out receipts in late June for April, May and


All our love and Thanks! Our family back home is holding strong and the two twin babies should be coming in August.

Anna and Joe (John 20:21)

Joe and Anna Losiak 
105 Lamplighter Rd. Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
MissionPoland P.O. Box 681481 - Schaumburg, IL 60168

April and May:  We are  praising God for the  great meetings this past weekend starting on Thursday where we preached to
the largest and most active Free Grace Brethren church in Poland (Upper Silesia) to the mid-week service
adults. The country church has been rebuilt to seat three hundred attached to the original church building. Both
buildings have three levels and multiple rooms on each level. The church was built on a large farm and now is
a large camp used for thousands each year with many other camp buildings and a huge tent filled with goods
and literature that they personally take with five truck each week into the Ukraine. I have spoken at this church
on every trip for over 20 years and Saturday night I spoke at the Camp to 50 young people ages15 to 25 for 90
minutes sitting wall to wall in two large game rooms  On Friday we took a break to speak to the Baptist Church
in Poland's Oldest city (Kalisz in Lower Silesia) as their pastor was out of the country. On Sunday I spoke at a
different Brethren Church in the morning also in Upper Silesia in the morning and drove three hours with Anna
back to upper Silesia to speak to a large group of former Catholics who have actually getting smaller from 100
to 50 because they placed an emphasis learned from their Catholic Charismatic days on all praying at once,
tongues without interpretation, emotional shouting etc. I was with them once before because they knew of my
history with the then evangelical Catholic movement know as Oasis - Oaza. I spoke on I Corinthians 12-14 and
placed an emphasis on chapter 13 where Paul says tongues will cease and Cor. 14:22 where tongues is
defined as real languages listed plainly in Acts 2.  I spoke on my healing and healing according to James rather
then "faith healers" and much more. I spoke for over an hour in Polish.
The hotel assembly hall used for their service has a 8:30pm time limit and we had to end with several questions.
After the service, many came to thank Anna and me and the young pastor and his wife took
us out for a 90 minute late night snack  and talk at the new modern
hotel where our meeting was held on the upper level. Thankfully they were in full agreement and asked for our
help to get their church on the right track of evangelism and discipleship based on God's word. I am writing
many letters of thanks to many pastors today and this week we will plan our last seven church meetings which
end June 12 and include two women's conferences and an evangelistic outreach in Gdansk, Poland. 

It is Mother's day this week in Poland on Thursday as it is always on May 22 in Poland so we will take Anna's
mother for  two day trip to the mountains an hour away from here small veggie and fruit farm (It once had
animals when her husband was living). Friday we will gear up for another weekend in Lublin and hope to get
back for a celebration at a large hotel in Krakow for about 1000 Ukrainians where I was asked to speak. My
commitment in Lublin was made a month ago and is almost four hours away. 
Enough news for this week. Thank you for praying and giving. We know the Lord will in His time provide all we
need each month. He has provided for MissionPoland for 18 years now! Jehovah Jireh!!!
Every donation of any size is greatly appreciated and helpful. 

Love, Thanks and Prayers, Anna and Joe

p.s. Mary's and Dan's babies are 23 months old in the womb this week and all is well (identical girls) 
p.p.s. Last week I found out the the Ukrainian Military Commander has the exact same last name as my Polish-Ukrainian mother .
She did come from a military family where all her soldier brothers were killed during WW2
along with her father and mother. 
Joe and Anna Losiak 
MissionPoland P.O. Box 681481 - Schaumburg, IL 60168
MissionPoland  Contribution: 


Dear Friends,
We trust and pray that all is well in your homes and your children's homes.
Thank you for praying for us as well. “O Lord, be upon us, even as we hope in You.” Psalm 33: 22

 Each trip back to Poland becomes more critical as the enemy is ever vigilant to

add or take away from the Gospel. Every move we make and word we speak
can be used by the Lord if we are walking in His Holy Spirit and faithful to Him.
We pray that His word is always in our hearts and minds as we serve and share
what the Lord has taught us over many years by Godly teachers and the Holy
Spirit in our personal study The churches are multiplying in Poland and millions
of fleeing Ukrainians have settled in Poland for now. We will speak at the
Warsaw Ukrainian Baptist Church and leave them a financial gift from some of
you. We will also minister with God’s word in Polish churches where Ukrainian
refugees will also be attending. 

1. We are looking forward to a special time with all our children in April, before

we leave for Poland. Praise God that Mary and Daniel have identical twin girls arriving in August.

 2.  We have already been preparing for speaking  in twenty churches, school
classrooms, a youth rally, several woman’s meetings with Anna, two Bible
conferences, Internet radio programs and interested  independent Roman
 Catholics who are asking to meet  with us. Please pray, “that you (we) may walk
worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and
 increasing in the knowledge of God”   Colossians 1:10

 3. Prayers are also needed for our budget as various expenses in Poland have

increased this past two years.  Donations to can be sent to - MissionPoland
P.O. Box 681481 - Schaumburg, IL 60168   (We will mail back a receipt with
each gift and a year-end summary in January 2023). MissionPoland is a 501 (c)
3 nonprofit Corp, and all contributions can be tax deductible.  Please, write the
donation purpose in the check note:  Poland, Ukraine or Retirement 


"Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or

persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written: “For

Your sake we are killed all day long; We are accounted as sheep for the

slaughter.” Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him

who loved us." Romans 8:35-37


"Though a mighty army surrounds me, my heart will not be afraid. Even if I am

attacked, I will remain confident." Psalm 27:3


We know how the Church kept growing during the difficult days of Roman occupation, the

destruction of Jerusalem and the persecution of Nero. Our hope and security are in Christ

alone as He leads us all in difficult times.  We are prayerfully preparing daily for our

meetings soon coming in Chicago and in Poland.  Our battle is not with “flesh and

blood” but with the “rulers of the darkness” – even in the face of war.

The dynamics in Poland have changed, as over one and a half million Ukrainians have just walked

into Poland and over two million came before them in the past few years due to the

Russian invasion.

Poles are continuing to demonstrate their great hearts of compassion by taking them all in.

Many young Russian men who seemed to have no idea who they were fighting are dying

or just giving up. Our hearts are broken and hurting for all the destruction, death, and

displacement of innocent people by the Putin led invasion.


We are speaking at the Ukrainian Baptist church and will meet many Ukrainian refugees in

all the other churches. There are many ways to send help and we are praying how we can

be used in all these churches where we will be speaking.


Chicago: We will be in the Chicago area April 8-10 and hold an evangelistic outreach in

Wood Dale at the Art Gallery (Polish) Kafe, Sunday evening with Joe singing and

speaking. Anna will also have meetings with women.

1.     Pray with us for our ministry trip to Poland beginning April 20 until June 15, 2022.

Many of our meetings will be near the  Ukrainian border.

We want to stay faithful to God’s prophetic word in every meeting.


2.      Thank you for praying for our family as we pray for your families as well. Konrad,

Lukas, and Mary with Daniel are all doing well and continue to need our prayers for their



3.      Thank you for praying and giving donations from your hearts, that make our

ministry in Poland and in America possible over these past seventeen years as MissionPoland.


4.  Pray that the innocent people in both the Ukraine and in Russia would have peace and

turn to Christ. Pray that the ungodly warmongers would either repent or be silenced.


                                                                                         Love and Prayers, Anna and Joe Łosiak



(Days not listed are for travel, rest, communications, prayer, study and family time.)

8-9 FRI. TO SAT. – PIĄTEK / SOBOTY (CHICAGO – Still being scheduled – OPEN)

10 SUNDAY - (CHICAGO) MOODY CHURCH SERVICE – Private Meetings at Church after service

10 SUNDAY – 5pm Meeting with American MP Friends in Wood Dale at the Art Gallery Kafe (127 Front St.)       

(Anna will meet with Polish women & Joe will meet with English only speakers. Polish evangelism at 7pm)

10 SUNDAY – NIEDZIELA 6:30pm (WOOD DALE, IL USA) ART GALLERY KAFE – Evangelist meeting in Polish



28 THURSDAY – CZWARTEK 18:00 (KRAKÓW KB Dom Łazarza) Church of God


1 SUNDAY – NIEDZIELA 9:00 (WARSZAWA KWCh) Brethren Church

1 SUNDAY – NIEDZIELA 15:00 (WARSZAWA KChB – Kościół Ukraiński) Ukrainian Baptist Church

2 MONDAY /PONIEDZIAŁEK. (TERESIN KRK) Rycerskie Dni Rodzin Ośrodek - Catholic Family Ministry                        

3 TUESDAY – WTOREK (LUBLIN) KNP KONFERENCJA dla pastorów (Pastor’s Conference)                                                                               

4 WEDNESDAY – ŚRODA – (OTWARTE means open for scheduling)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

7 SATURDAY – SOBOTA (OLSZTYŃ) KChB Meetings to be arranged                                                                                            

8 SUNDAY – NIEDZIELA 10:00 (OLSZTYŃ) KChB NABOŹEŃSTWO Baptist Church Service                                                             

10 TUESDAY – WTOREK (OPOCZNO) KWCh Ewangelizacja – Warsaw Brethren Evangelism Outreach                                                                                                                              

11 WEDNESDAY – ŚRODA (OPOCZNO KWCh) Naboźeństwo  - Brethren Church Service                                                                                                                   

12 THURSDAY - CZWARTEK (OPOCZNO KWCh) - Ewangelizacja – Warsaw Brethren Evangelism Outreach                                                                                                                            

13 FRIDAY – PIĄTEK – (LUBLIN) KNP KONFERENCJA Independent Bible Church Conference

14 SATURDAY – SOBOTA (LUBLIN) KNP KONFERENCJA (Anna will be speaking to women)

15 SUNDAY – NIEDZIELA (LUBLIN) KNP KONFERENCJA (Joe will be speaking to the conference)


19 THURSDAY – CZWARTEK (ŚLASK – KWCH) Brethren Churches in Upper Silesia

20 FRIDAY – PIĄTEK (TYCHY – KWCH) Brethren Churches in Upper Silesia




25 WEDNESDAY – ŚRODA (OTWARTE means open for scheduling)





2 THURSDAY – CZWARTEK (OTWARTE - open) To be scheduled while we are in Poland

3 FRIDAY – PIĄTEK (OTWARTE - open)  To be scheduled while we are in Poland



8 WEDNESDAY – ŚRODA (OTWARTE means open for scheduling) To be scheduled while we are in Poland

9 THURSDAY – CZWARTEK (OTWARTE - open)  To be scheduled while we are in Poland



15 WEDNESDAY – ŚRODA (KRAKÓW - Warsaw – CHICAGO) ODLOT DO DOMU – Flying back to Chicago
















MissionPoland February 2022 Newsletter

The Lord has given us many reasons to trust Him from the first day of our salvation. 

Those reasons increase for all of us as His hand moves in our lives when we have obedient faith.  

Our next ministry trip will be to Chicago on April 7 to 11, 2022, for an evangelistic

outreach in Wooddale

 at the (Polish) Art Gallery Kafe. Joe will be singing and speaking in Polish and English 

on the first weekend in April. Anna will also organize a meeting for Polish women.

You are all invited to the “Café” and we would love to visit some of you.




 We will attend the morning worship service at Moody Church on April 10 and hope to meet

many of our other friends on Friday and Saturday. 



 Soon after Easter we are planning to fly to Poland and serve there until the middle of June. 

  New Christ centered churches are starting all over Poland and we have already been

called to teach at some of them,

along with many other churches who will be scheduled before April. 

We will also be speaking at two Bible Chuch conferences.   

Over and over in Matthew the Lord divided all mankind into two categories of eternally saved

   in Heaven and those eternally lost in Hell. After listening to Jesus describe perfection and holiness

needed to enter God’s Eternal Kingdom, His disciples wondered how they can be saved from

eternal damnation in Matthew 19: 25, 26 “When His disciples heard it, they were greatly astonished, saying,

“Who then can be saved?”  But Jesus looked at them and said to them, 

“With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” 


 MissionPoland  Contribution: 



Thank you for all your prayers and giving in 2021. The Lord opened new doors for

us in Poland and provided all that we needed. Thank you for sharing your prayer

requests and praises with us and for being close to us spiritually as we serve

through your support and love in Christ.   MissionPoland  Contribution: 


 On December 21, 2021, founding board member Marty DeBoer was taken home

to his heavenly reward after a long illness. Marty gave us our legal nonprofit

status designation, which was very costly and complicated. We first met (Marty and Joe) in 1969

and worked closely for several years until 1972 in our Campus Crusade for Christ

ministry centered on Chicago campuses. Marty asked me to organize all Chicago

schools and churches for Explo ’72 and was our treasurer for the first years of

MissionPoland. We spent many blessed days together in ministry & training during

those years.

We are all thankful that our entire family of six were together for four days at

Christmas and we were able to go to church together to celebrate our faith in

Christ. Konrad who works in Milwaukee, stayed with us for four weeks during the

holidays working from home. Lukas is still living with us and working full time.

Mary and Daniel are happily making their home in St. Petersburg, FL. and

planning a trip to Poland this year. More than ever, Anna and I want to be a

testimony to them of God's power and care for our daily lives. We all want our

lives to always shine for Christ, but especially at home.   






Looking back at 2021, we are amazed that we served in many churches and


towns without any medical or political hindrances during two long trips to Poland.

We are so encouraged by the past year of our ministry, that we are looking

forward to another good year. We are planning two trips to Poland in 2022 with

expectant faith that even more people will be reached with the Gospel in Poland

through those we encourage in our meetings. 






This Spring, we are also planning ministry in Chicago. There is a possibility that


Joe can have an evangelistic music outreach at the Polish Art Gallery Café in

Wooddale, Illinois and at Orchard Evangelical Free Church Café in Barrington, IL.  

“But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the

word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a

hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.” Matt. 13:23 

This verse summarizes our mission to make the Biblical Gospel clear to those who will listen.


1.      The Lord has provided all these seventeen years of MissionPoland ministry,

and we see His hand calling many to Himself who will listen, understand, and

believe in the Gospel.                                                  

2.       Our mission and prayer is to gather all born again believers together

around the Gospel of grace in its fulness to reach all of Poland.                                                                                                                                3.        3. We are always praying and seeking to spend time encouraging our adult children

anyway we can, as they begin to establish their lives on their own.

4. Our January 20, 2022 Annual Board Meeting was held with all ten board members present. Our Budget was approved and Mission to Go on spreading the Gospel in Poland and Polish communities abroad continues in 2022.  


Mary and Daniel Celebrate their 2020 wedding in 2021 and will be married two years this April. 












Daniel and Mary were surrounded by their Christian friends and close

family. We left with prayers that they will continue to be a beacon of

light and used greatly by God.                          






We are now preparing for our Autumn trip to Poland with ministry in

around fifteen churches and various individuals as our schedule

continues to develop in October. Though we are now concentrating

on this important ministry trip, we are also praying for our continued

ministry in Florida and Chicago for five months when we come back

in December. While we are home, we will also continue to send video

and written Bible teaching from God’s word for those in and from

Poland and plan a Spring – Summer ministry trip to many churches

and events in Poland.

Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about

our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing

that you contend earnestly for the faith that was once for

all time handed down to the saints.” Jude 3






In September we also had a mid-year board meeting which always

encourages us to be accountable and to hold firm to “the faith that

was once for all time given to the saints.”  Our board is listed on our web-site  under Welcome on the side bar. Our message and faithfulness to the Gospel of

Christ is overseen by our mission’s board of great pastors and former

missionaries listed on our website.  “Having been built on the foundation

of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone.”  Ephesians 2: 20











OCTOBER 2021  
23. Saturday - ORLANDO - CHICAGO (Anna flies to Chicago for women’s meetings)
24. Sunday - CHICAGO AREA (Anna is in meetings all day with Polish women there) 
25. Monday- Joe flies to Ohare at noon & meets Anna  for our 9:30pm flight to Warsaw
26. Tuesday - Arival in Kraków 18:00    Quarantine there until November 4 
5.  Friday - KRAKÓW - (Private meetings)
6.  Saturday - KRAKÓW 17:00 (Women‘s meeting with Anna) 
7.   SUNDAY  - GRODZISKU MAZOWIECKI - 10:00  near Warsaw (Brethren Ch. Service) 
7.   SUNDAY - WARSZAWA 16:00 (Baptist Ch. Service “God‘s Grace” - ul. Lęborskiej 8/10)
8.   Monday -  SIERPC  (Anna will meet her best childhood friend in her Monastery home)
8.   Monday - WARSZAWA IS WARSAW (Private meetings being set up by the end of Oct.)
9.   Tuesday  - KRAKÓW (2pm lunch meeting w/ Catholic Renewal Leader Karol Sobczyk)
10. Wednesday 18:00 KRAKÓW (Pentecostal  Ch. Service Nowa Huta) Pastor Paweł Sochacki
11.  Thursday  11:00 KRAKÓW (Emmanuel Christian School meeting w/ Rector Andrzej Witek)
12. Friday  -  18:00 KRAKÓW (Ch. of God - Lazarus House Service) Pastor Jurek Konieczny
14. SUNDAY - 11:00 AUGUSTÓW (Ch. of God  Living Water Church) Pastor Wiesław Meller
15. Monday -  WARSZAWA (Private meetings being set up by November 4)
17. Wednesday - 17:30 JAWORZNO (Brethren Ch.)  Governing Elder Stanisław Siodlak
18. Thursday  - PALOWICE  (Brethren Ch. Service)  Governing Elder Marian Pawlas
19. Friday  -  GÓRNY ŚLASK  (Brethren Ch.)  Governing Elder Marian Pawlas
20. Saturday - GLIWICE 18:00 (Independent Ch. Evangelism) Pastor Jerzy Pawlowski
21. SUNDAY -  GLIWICE 10:00 (Indep. Ch. Service) Pastor Jerzy Pawlowski (former RC priest)
21. SUNDAY - OPOLE 17:00  (Independent Ch. One Way Church) Pastor Roman Chmielewski
24.  Wednesday  - SZCZECIN 11:00 (Private meeting and lunch with former
Head Bishop of all Pentecostal churches in Poland and our wives)
24 Wenesday - Northwwest Baltic Coast area is still in planning for the evening service
25.  Thursday  - 17:00 SZCZECIN (Evangelical Christian Ch. Service) Pastor &
President of all Evangelical Christian churches in Poland Leon Dziadkowiec
27.  Saturday - 17:00 SZCZECIN (Women‘s meeting with Anna )
28.  SUNDAY - 10:00 KALISZ (Baptist Ch. Service) Pastor Tomasz Jeżyk
29.  Monday - OPOCZNO (Brethren Ch. Service) Warsaw Governing Elder Paweł Ratz
30.  Tuesday -  OPOCZNO (KWCh - Evangelistic service) Starszy Brat Paweł Ratz
3.  FRIDAY - 17:00 OPOCZNO (Brethren Town Hall Evangelistic service) Elder Paweł Ratz
5.  SUNDAY -11:00 HRUBIESZÓW (Evangelical Christian Ch. Service) Pastor Jacek Duda
5.  SUNDAY -15:00 CHŁEM (Evangelical Christian Ch. Service) Pastor Jacek Duda
8.  Wednesday - Departure (Kraków, Warsaw, Chicago, Orlando)


Prayers and Praises!


A.      We have a few days left  to prepare for Poland. Thankfully we are in

good health, but always need to tune our heart to the Lord’s Word

and the leading of His Holy Spirit.

B.      We are praying for our funding in these last three months of

2021, to be in keeping with our monthly budget, in order to fully

cover all our ministry and family living expenses. Every gift will

greatly help. The Lord has provided for MissionPoland for seventeen

years through your prayers and giving. 

C.      God is opening new doors for us even as we write this letter with

many in Poland on this trip; and we are asking Him to guide our

every step for His honor and glory.






We thank the Lord for you often and always remember that we

could not go on without your prayers for us to be faithful and for

your sacrificial support.  Anna and Joe Łosiak

MissionPoland SEPTEMBER 2021 News from Poland

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your love, prayers and financial support. All the blessed & fruitful meetings we had in Poland were made possible by the Author & Finisher  of our faith - Praise God Alleluja.
A few days ago our friend Leonard Jankowski (85) and  also one of our original board members went to be with the Lord.  Leonard was personally with us in ministry in Poland,  Florida and several times in his home state Minnesota. He was a part of producing the Jesus Film for Poland which was seen in theatres all over Poland in 1979. His heart for the Lord's work was always at the forefront of his life. His enthusiasm encouraged us to contuinue our ministry. He gave his all for his Lord & his family. He will be greatly missed. 
In Poland this past summer, we were invited to teach all over the country with great meetings in Baptist, Brethren, Pentecostal and Evangelical churches, where we rejoiced together over God's Word.  Anna had two very good women's meetings in Szczecin and Olsztyn.  Almost in everyplace we would meet new people, seekers ; being helpful and encouraging  them in their journey and mission was like hearing a  symphony of God's Grace.
We also had eight meetings with  Roman Catholics and former Catholics who invited us to share with them and to answer their many questions. Our main message on this trip to them is found in the letter to the first church in Rome, verses 1:5 and 16:26,27 which begin and end this great letter to practice "the obedience that come from faith". We also emphasized the truths of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to the disobedient churches
One of our long meetings was  with former Catholic Rafał Kowalski and Karol Sobczyk who are pictured here below . Karol  in the middle is the head of a large Catholic nationwide fellowship that has been deeply influenced by evangelical teachings from the Bible. We were in amazement that we all had the same beliefs and mission to bring the Biblical message of salvation to the next generation  in Poland. I gave both men our workbooks for a Biblical understanding of salvation, victorious living and Church life.  

When He got back home both men immediately released a supportive public statement for our mission that was read  across Poland. After that Joe was contacted by new people for meetings and interviews.  Karol Sobczyk  also  gave the official link to the 16 paged Four Spiritual Laws which contain many Bible  passages which teach salvation by grace through faith and to encourage growth. 
We also met a few times with our Catholic priest friend Andrzej Bafeltowski and had Bible study together. He invited us to his Neochatehumenal  group of Catholics  and asked me to speak to the twenty five people present. Later we were recorded by him as we presented teaching from God's Word by this same  Catholic priest who has been in contact with us for the past three years. Andrzej represents this movement  which teaches salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone and is known as a "protestant movement" within the Catholic church.
Joe was also interviewed on Zoom by a leader in the Catholic Charismatic movement and we both spent a day with the leading Catholic historian Marek Nowicki pictured in the middle discussing  evangelism and renewal while in his home. 
Joe met again with the last two living moderators (movement leaders) living at the headquarters of the Oasis movement. Wojtek Zając pictured  on his bike did the original translation of the Four Spiritual Laws . We also met with  Jurek Główka in his home after the passing of his wife. He is now attending the Baptist church in Tarnów and in retirement is translating the "Life Application Bible Notes" to be published in Poland.  
There is an eagerness for a new Biblical evangelization in Poland. We are so thankful that we had many unexpected meetings with Catholics who remember what began among them in the 1970's. We will now seek God's hand in openning doors for us again and to unite all truly born again believers in reaching today's Poland.
1. Our daughter Mary was married in a small two family ceremony last year. This month on the 18th Mary and Daniel Havlock will have their wedding reception here in Orlando. We praise God that they and both parents want to follow the Lord. Our sons, Konrad and Lukas are both College graduates. Konrad will head to Milwaukee to take a position at a Designing  Art Company and Lukas will be heading for graduate studies in his field of Psychology. We are praying that all of them will continue in their walk with Christ.
2. humbly looking forward to whatever God has planned in the future.                                
3. We need to replace our old car and we are praying for the best way for us to do this. 
Thank you for your support which makes it possible for us to continue. After every trip to we seek God's will for further ministry in Poland, America and England.                                                                                                                                                                   
"But when he (Peter) saw the wind was fierce, he was afraid and beginning to drown he cried out, saying, 'Lord save me'! And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him, "O you of little faith, why did you doubt?" Matthew 14: 30,31                                                                
MISSIONPOLAND P. O. BOX 681481 - SCHAUMBURG, IL 60168   (321-368-4448)







 In February and March of 2020 just before the Covid Lockdown, Anna and I
spent five weeks in Poland with our schedule here below these first pictures of
Mary's Marriage ceremony which had to be a closed family affair on the shores
of the Gulf Coast in April of 2020. We have waited for the restrictions to end in
Poland before our return which we hope will be in late June until August 18,












In April, in the year of our Lord 2020, our daughter Mary and the son of 

Jeffrey and Christine  Havlock,






"tied the knot" and became one in a God honoring Christian ceremony in Gulf

Shores Alabama which is between Mary's home in Florida and
Daniel's home in Texas. 














 8.  Saturday - LONDON -

 9.  Sunday –WARSAW -  Brethren Church Morning Service – Governing Elder Paweł Ratz

10. Monday – CIESZYŃ / WISŁA - Travel, Publisher, Dentist and Rest

11. Tuesday – WISŁĄ / SKOCZÓW  - Dentist, Travel and Rest

12. Wednesday – OPOCZNO -  Brethren Church Plant Home Bible Study – Elder Pawel Ratz

13. Thursday – PALOWICE -  Brethren Church. Mid-week Service  – Gov. Elder Marian Pawłas

14. Friday – KALISZ  -  Baptist Ch. Mid-week Church Service  – Pastor Tomasz Jeżyk

15. Saturday – Travel and Rest

16. Sunday Morn. BYDGOSZCZ -  Evangelical Christian Church Service– Pastor John Tomczyk

16. Sunday Eve. SWIECIE   - Evangelical Christian Church Service – Pastor Jan Tomczyk

17. Monday -  Travel and Rest

18. Tuesday – Travel and Rest

19. Wednesday – GRYFINO  -  Pentecostal Ch. Mid-week Service – Pastor Zenon Wolek

20. Thursday – SZCZECIN – Evangelical Christian Mid-wk Church Service - Pastor Leon Dziadkowiec

21. Friday – POLICE  - Pentecostal Mid-week Service – Bishop & Pastor Mieczysław Czajko

22. Saturday – KAMIEŃ POMORSKI - Special Saturday Service  - Pastor Daniel Kowalinski

23. Sunday - NOWOGARD - Evangelical Christian Church Service - Pastor & Denomination Head Cezary Komisarz

24. Monday  – Travel and Rest

25. Tuesday – WARSAW - (Private meetings with Pastors and Ministry leaders)

26. Wednesday – JAWORZNO - Brethren Mid-week Church Service – Gov. Elder Stanisław Siodlak

27. Thursday - KRAKÓW - Pentecostal Mid-wk. Church Service  - Pastor Wiesław Didoszak 

28. Friday  - KRAKÓW – Emmanuel Grammar School Evangelism  (Hour each for 3 age groups) Rector Andrzej Witek 

29. Saturday – KRAKÓW - Dinner Seminar for Women - Anna  Łosiak & Dorota Sochacka

29. Saturday - KRAKÓW - Church Of God Homeless Church Service  - Pastor Jurek Konieczny

MARCH 2020

1.  Sunday Morn. – KRAKÓW - Pentecostal Church Service - Pastor Paweł Sochacki

1.  Sunday Eve – KRAKÓW N.H. - Independent Church. “Home of Mercy" Pastor Jerzy Kłoda

2.  Monday  -  Rest

3.  Tuesday  – KIELCE - Evangelical Christian Mid-week Church Service - Pastor Leszek Masłowski

4.  Wednesday –  LUBLIN – “Epiphany Movement” with Former Oasis Movement leader Ryszard Mordrzejewski

5. Thursday – LUBLIN – “New Way Student Movement” Catholic University  KUL w/ leader Anna Biękowska

6. Friday – MODLIBORZYCE  - Special Farming Community Weekend Service - Pastor Jacek Duda

7. Saturday – OLSZTYŃ -  Women's Prayer Breakfast with Anna Łosiak & her sister Monika Wiereńko

8. Sunday – OLSZTYŃ -  Baptist Church Morning Service – Pastor Gustaw Cieślar

9. Monday – Flight from Poland to America                                                                                              


 9.  Niedziela –WARSZAWA KWCh – Nabożeństwo – Przewodniczący Starszy Paweł Ratz

10. Poniedziałek – CIESZYŃ / WISŁĄ – (Prywatne spotkań)

11. Wtorek – WISŁA / SKOCZÓW / KRAKÓW - (Prywatne spotkań)

12. Środa – OPOCZNO – KWCh Misja - Studium Biblijny

13. Czwartek – PALOWICE KWCh – Nabożeństwo – Starszy Zboru Marian Pawłas

14. Piątek – KALISZ KChB – Nabożeństwo  – Pastor Tomasz Jeżyk

15. Sobota – Jazda i Odpoczynek

16. Niedziela  (rano) – BYDGOSZCZ KECh  – Nabożeństwo – Pastor Jan Tomczyk

16. Niedziela (popołudniu) – SWIECIE KECh – Nabożeństwo – Pastor Jan Kowalski

17. Poniedziałek - Odpoczynek

18. Wtorek – Jazda i Odpoczynek

19. Środa – GRYFINO KZ – Nabożeństwo – Pastor Zenon i Lydia Wolek

20. Czwartek – SZCZECIN - KECh ‘Betel’ Nabożeństwo – Pastor Leon Dziadkowiec

21. Piątek – POLICE KZ – Nabożeństwo - Biskup i Pastor Mieczysław Czajko

22. Sobota –  KAMIEŃ POMORSKI   KZ - Nabożeństwo   - Pastor Daniel Kowalinski

23. Niedziela – NOWOGARD KECh - Nabożeństwo - Prezbiter Pastor Cezary Komisarz

24. Poniedziałek – Jazda i odpoczynek

25. Wtorek - Odpoczynek

26. Środa – JAWORZNO KWCh 17:30 – Nabożeństwo – Starszy Zboru Stanisław Siodlak

27. Czwartek - KRAKÓW KZ 18:00 - Nabożeństwo - Pastor Wiesław Didoszak 

28. Piątek – KRAKÓW  Szkoła Emmanuel  (Ewangelizacja) 3 Spotkanie - Rektor Andrzej Witek 

29. Sobota - KRAKÓW KZNH 17:00 - Spotkanie dla Kobiet ... Dorota Sochacka i Ania  Łosiak

29. Sobota - KRAKÓW KB 18:00 - "Dom Łazarza" Nabożeństwo - Pastor Jurek Konieczny


1.  Niedziela  10:00 rano - KRAKÓW KZNH - Nabożeństwo ... Pastor Paweł Sochacki

1.  Niedziela 17:00 - KRAKÓW KN "Nowa Huta Dom Miłoszerdzia" Pastor Jerzy Kłoda

2.  Poniedziałek - Odpoczynek

3.  Wtorek – KIELCE KECh  - Nabożeństwo o 17:00 Pastor Leszek Masłowski

4.  Środa – LUBLIN – Ruch Epifania (Rozmowa o Bożego Plan Zbawienie) Ryszard Modrzejewski

5. Czwartek –LUBLIN – Ruch Studencki  ‘Nowa Droga’ na KULu – Dyrektor Anna Biękowska 

6. Piątek  – MODLIBORZYCE - KECh - Nabożeństwo - Pastor Jacek Duda

7. Sobota – OLSZTYŃ - Spotkanie z Śniadaniem dla Kobiet  Ania Łosiak i Monika Wiereńko

8. Niedziela – OLSZTYŃ KChB – Nabożeństwo – Pastor Gustaw Cieślar

9. Poniedziałek – Odlot










1. DEITY OF JESUS CHRIST – According to the Prophets,

John the Baptist, Apostles, His Enemies  & Jesus.                                                                                                                                                                               

2. THE NEW BIRTH and SALVATION – According to

Jesus and the examples He gave (Nicodemus, Samaritan

woman, Leper, Paralyzed man, Publican tax collector, Thief

on the Cross) the Gospels.                                                                                                                                                                                        

3. MINISTRY of the HOLY SPIRIT – Revival, Awakening

and Victorious sin - less living come from the Holy Spirit

who is also Christ in us to guide, protect and empower us



4. JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST  - All we have done as

believers in the power of God or in the power of the flesh

– good and bad will be judged before Christ

(1 Cor. 3:12-17; 2 Cor.5:9-21; Heb.11&12; Matt.6:20; 25;

1 Thess.2:19)                                                                           

5. SECOND COMING OF CHRIST(Gospel of Matthew

24/25 Revelation & Over 1000 O. T. prophecies)



Mission/Vocation, Preparation as a learner in God’s Word,

Practical Training and Victorious living. (The Gospels &

Letters toTimothy)                                                                                                                                                                                                        

7. WHAT IS THE CHURCH? Jesus gave the Church it’s

name, it’s ordinances and its mission. The Apostles defined

the offices of service and requirements.

(Gospels & 1 Timothy)                                                                                                                                                                                              

8. THE WORLD, the FLESH and the DEVIL – It’s always

good to know your enemy  and how to always resist him. 

  ( 1 John 2:15-17; 1 Peter  5:8-9; James  4; Matt. 4:1-11)                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Physical healing in the Church age and overcoming sin in

our lives. (James 5:13-18; Galatians &




He Fore KNEW He has predestinated and Elected"

(Romans 8:28-39; 1 Peter 1:2; 2 Peter 3:9; 1 Tim. 2:4;

Matthew 7:21- 23)                                                                                                                                                                                            


mission.(1 Peter 2:9; Revelation 1:5-6; Hebrews 10-12)                                                                                                                                                                   


(The Fall of man, Grace of God, Obedient Faith, Justification

by faith, Sanctification, Predestination and our mission)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



Gospels, the Book of Acts & 1 Cor.  15)


 14. BOOK OF HEBREWS STUDY (Participation with or

without faith)                                                                                                                                                       

15. GOD, FAMILY, CHURCH, MINISTRY, VOCATION (Matthew 10:37; Ephesians 5:25; Colossians


16. WOMEN’S MEETINGS with ANNA - (Renewing our

minds as believers and



(What is the Local Church to be like)






The Lord has prepared us for over 59 years for Joe and 39 years for Anna.




Our main messages to believers center on the three aspects of salvation (justification, sanctification & glorification) .


"...For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ... "2 Corinthians 5: 9-11


At the end of April 2018 Anna was serving at the fifth Polish Christian

Women' s conference in Chicago.




 It’s not better methods or gifted teachers;  It is the preaching and

living out of the Gospel that was “once for all delivered to the saints.” (Jude 3)





 In the early 1970’s, Joe left for Poland and helped begin Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) in Poland.

Thirty young people from the Emmanuel Bible Church where Joe served for 10 years

were at the airport in Chicago in 1974 when Joe left for Poland. 


The entire Catholic youth movement in Poland “Oaza” was affected by the Gospel

One of those Oaza leaders affected was Anna.

In 1990, Joe and Anna met in Chicago and soon they became inseparable.


A ministry of Christian radio, camps, concerts, festivals and training conferences were held throughout the city of Chicago

They now have three grown children (Mary - 28, Lukas - 26 and Konrad - 24)

In late 2004, Joe and Anna started MissionPoland.

God has protected and provided for us all these years and we trust

Him to continue, as we keep His word, love the Lord, honor His name

and have His purpose.



 The vision for creating a new Polish ministry began while we were members at Moody Church in Chicago in the 1990's.

We had a Polish Christian Bookstore and with that opened up a radio program, many children's camps.

Joe was the Sunday School Director at the time in the 1990's.

Several Elders of the church encouraged us to form an official 501 c 3 corporation.

Several years later MissionPoland started procedures in 2006 to become a 501 c 3 non profit ministry. Ten of our original board members listed under WELCOME on the side bar are still with MissionPoland and two have gone ahead of us to Glory in Heaven. 

By January of 2007 we were a 501 (c) 3 corporation.


Anna was led to organize ministry events for Polish

women in Chicago as well. 


Pictured here are some of the great accomplished

pastors and teachers who were placed in my life

over the course of fifty nine years. There are dozens

of others, but these men certainly changed the world.

In 2022 we will add any missing pictures of







Pastor Erwin Lutzer and Elder Berv Peterson of the Moody Church in Chicago,

Pastor Richard E.Wager, Bill Vesely and John Kopecky

of the Lawndale Emmanuel Baptist Church,

Pastor Jim Henry and Pastor Randall James of the First Baptist

Church of Orlando,  Bill BrightMarty DeBoer, Steve Kovic,

Howard Ball,  Pastor Dick Sanner

Pastor Conrad Koch of Campus Crusade for Christ,

Ks. Franciszek Blachnicki of the Oasis Movement (Light and Life)


Pastor Krzysztof Bednarzyk of the Krakow Baptist Church. 






Our ministry in Poland is built on thirty years of Anna and me

building trust relationships with believers in Poland. It was also built

on earlier ministry that is still bearing fruit from the 1970’s with

Campus Crusade for Christ, when I was living in Poland.

The Lord has prepared us over many years. For me, even before I

entered Poland for the first time in 1974, the eleven years of intensive

Bible and ministry training came from many great teachers between

October 31, 1962 and September of 1974, which continued into the

1990’s at the Moody Church in Chicago and ministry to Poles that

included even more preparation with associations like Harold O.J.

Brown who attached himself to our early Polish ministry and traveled

with Joe in Poland before he was called home. Dr. Brown was our first

MissionPoland boardmember.

Marty DeBoer made it possible for us to have a non profit legal designation,

allowing us to raise tax favored funds for the benefit of our donors.

Marty was also our first treasurer and help for the original board of directors. 

Pastors Jim Henry, Dick Sanner, Ed Komoszewski and Ray Staszewski

also joined our board

in the beginning and are still with us. I can list fifty more teachers and

mentors as we were given the best for the work we are called to do.

The Lord has blessed us with great board members since 2005 when

we started to form the MissionPoland board.

Stewart Urban who served with Joe on the Christian Education committee and the Executive

Committee at the Moody Church is also a founding MissionPoland Board member .


Moody Bible Institute graduates John Lieske and Gilbert DeKelaita  are founding members of MissionPoland.

Former Campus Crusade for Christ Directors Donalyn Bratton, Pastor Grant Richison

also joined the Board of MissionPoland with  the first Campus Crusade Director

in Poland, Dick Sanner .




 Ministry in Poland over the past 28 years has been mainly to

about 100 local churches in Poland and continues in 2022. 

Copyright 2009 by MissionPoland